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Sadirra Trilby

white weretigress

Occupation: Bard/Singer/Tavern worker with a little adventuring on the side

Age: 19

Height: 5'8" {in human form}; 6'3" {in weretiger form}; 3' tall, 6'3" long (9'4" with tail) {in full tiger form}

Weight: 135 lbs (human); 164 lbs (weretiger); 443 lbs (tiger)

Appearance: a tall, beautiful young woman with straight pale blonde hair reaching her waist and sparkling blue-green eyes. She moves with cat-like grace and fluidity. In weretiger form her iris dialates to the full size of her eye and she is covered in soft white fur with stipes of coal. A three foot tail extends from the base of her spine and there are retractable claws on her toes and fingers. Her feet take on a cat-like build and she walks on her toes. She prefers to go shoeless and wear clothing of light materials that don't restrict movement or her transformations (not to mention look good on her when she's on stage singing ^_^). However, when on adventures she occasionally dresses for the part, turning to heavy clothes and peices of leather armor.

Personality: Sadirra does not consider her lycantrhopy a curse, but sees it as a blessing since she was born one, though she can usually be found in her human form since that's how she was raised. She is usually cheerful and friendly with a strange sense of humor, but has an extreme temper that kicks into effect whenever she is provoked. She loves to sing, as that is her main profession. Her mannerisms are very feline and she possesses their notorious curiosity as well. She can speak to and has a strong affinity for all cats, especially her best friend, Isis, her black cat.

Weapons: Sadirra has a sword tinted gold (she hates silver for obvious reasons) and a strange white glove with a jewel in its center. This was left to her by her real mother, the only thing she has of her, and she has no clue what the hell it's for.

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