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black catwere

Age: 2 (appears 15 in human form)

Height: 1' tall, 2'8" long (3'6" with tail); 5'1" {human form}

Weight: 6 lbs; 108 lbs (human)

Appearance: a sleek and slender black cat with the stature of the ancient Bastet cats of Egypt. Her eyes are a deep purple that shimmer. On a full moon, she transforms into a human girl with dark skin and black hair with the same purple eyes. She has acquired human intelligence since her first transformation. (see Sadi's history below for more info) She and Sadirra are able to communicate because Sadirra understands feline languages. On full moons she can speak with her human tongue, though not at all very well and with a limited vocabulary. Also, the cat has the natural gift to determine the intent of others, mainly if they are or aren't telling the truth.

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