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Welcome 3-D fans!

I have always enjoyed stereo photography, and would like to share some of my photos with you. Here you see me with my vintage Revere 3-D camera from the 50's, but I have also taken 3-D pictures with twinned Pentax SLR's, as well as a single Pentax using a sliding technique. Please enjoy!

See my latest pictures on my new STEREO FORUM. Updated frequently!

Note: some pictures on my forum are .jps (stereo jpeg) files.
If your browser won't open them, you can download the free DEPTH CHARGE viewer.
It allows viewing in all formats: cross-eye, parallel, anaglyph, etc.

3-D shooters, do you take stereo pictures in the 4" by 6" print format?
See my CLIP VIEWER as featured in the tech support section of Berezin Stereo Photography Products.

Cross-eyed Freeviewing
This a technique that takes a little practice, but when mastered, will allow you to see the pictures in three dimensions! Follow these simple steps:

1. Sit squarely in front of your monitor.
2. Hold a pen or pencil in a vertical position about six to eight inches in front of your face.
3. Remain focused on the monitor screen, and you will be aware that you see TWO pencils.
4. Slowly move the pencil towards you or away from you until it appears that the pencil tips are touching each letter "O" above the first picure.
5. Now change your focus to the pencil (your eyes will cross just a bit). Now be aware that you see three pictures (and only one pencil).
6. SLOWLY drop the pencil as you focus on the middle picture of the three. It will now be in 3-D!

If you find that you can't master this technique, click HERE for the parallel method of freeviewing 3-D.



Small town Main StreetSmall town Main Street

"Comin' at ya""Comin' at ya"


Frozen splash!Frozen splash!



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