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Grand Champions
Collector's Classic

Of all Grand Champions, there are none quite as spectacular and breathtaking as the "Collector's Classics". At 11' tall, comparable to the Traditional Breyers at a 1:9 scale, and as every bit as detailed, these horses took GC from the toy market and into the hearts of grownup coinsurers, too!

The horse pictured above is actually a prototype. No horses were actually released in this pose. Yet even from the very first, the attention to detail is amazing. The present day Classics lack nothing! Each comes with his own highly-detailed tack, and long, soft hair.

The first Collector Classics appeared in 1997, and they were gorgeous! They were so popular, they often sold out quite quickly, and were often tricky to secure. Neither did they make it to any stores in Canada that I am aware of! But luckily, such beautiful horses were just the beginning.

Naturally, a horse this size would quickly find himself a rider by kidnapping one of the dolls in the toy box. While the Dolls were not actually realeased, their noble steeds were. I believe they were a part of the 2000 collection. The Palomino in the centre is named "My Dessert Charm". Below is the grey arabian stallion "Sterling Wind". The red chestnut is a flashy QH named "Red Rock King". He's a beauty!

Thanks to GC Collector for the picture of Sterling Wind, and Lorenda for clearing up the QH's name.

Here are the Collector Classics for 2001/2002! They are, above: Bay Egyption Arabian, Palomino Quarab "Golden Glow", and Dapple Grey Arabian. To the left are the Bay Quarter Horse & Paint Stallions.

New Premium Edition Horses !

What have we here? A beautiful new type of GC alltogether! This special horse belongs to Palomino Lou and it a prototype for the new Quarter Horse design. It only seems fair that after so many great years, the newest thing at GC would be bigger then ever. Definately bigger, anyway.

I have very little in formation about these new horses, but from the looks of it, they are slightly bigger then Collector Classics at a 1:6 scale, and, have brushable hair, rather then mohair. The breeds are, in no paticular order, Thoroughbred, Selle Fraicaise, Trakehner, Quarter Horse, Appendix and Holsteiner. More information to follow as soon as I know it!

As you can see, I'm missing quite a bit of info on these beauties. If anyone has pictures or information they would like to donate, do give me a shout!

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