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    Molly Parker is the star of the critically acclaimed and controversial Canadian movie, Kissed.  She is internationally known for starring in Intensity a made for TV film movie based on Dean Koontz's novel of the same name.  Finally, Miss Parker stars in the Canadian sitcom called Twitch City on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). 

    I am proud to say that this was the FIRST site devoted to this extremely talented and beautiful actress.  Not only that, this site is the most comprehensive tribute to Molly Parker. 

    The first time I saw her, it was on the Genie Awards preview show.  The Genie Awards are to acknowledge the achievements of the Canadian film industry.  Before that, I thought the movie would be interesting because Kissed was advertised on the radio as being a film about necrophilia (stimulation and obsession of corpses).  The preview show played a clip of Miss Parker in the restaurant with her love interest Matt (Peter Outerbridge).  I was so fascinated by her performance that I had to go see Kissed.  After watching it I was blown away by Molly Parker's acting.  In fact, she won the Genie in the Best Actress category for her performance in that movie.

What a breathtaking site!
    Molly Parker is from Vancouver, British Columbia and now resides in Toronto Ontario.  She's a trained actor who has appeared in numerous Canadian productions.  Finally, Miss Parker trained as a ballet dancer.
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 April 17

Marion Bridge
  • The Nova Scotia film Marion Bridge starring Molly Parker will open in Toronto tomorrow, Friday April 18th, 2003.  This film won Best Canadian First Feature at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival.

 April 12

Gajo :)
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