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Paul Young Fan Data Base

Paul Young

Thank you for visiting the Paul Young Fan Data Base. Some people have taken the time to share a bit about themselves with the world because they all have one common bond; a love for Paul Young's music. Please click on the drop down menu below to meet these wonderful fans.

Paul Young has a huge fan base all over the world. However many fans do not have access to the same music, videos, or TV show appearances due to availability. Because of this, I have taken the time to share new audio and video as often as I can. I am always looking for new audio, video and pictures to share with fellow fans. If you have something you would like to share, please Email me. Contributions to this site are always welcome!!

Please feel free to Email me with any requests you may have or sign them in the forum. Any feedback is appreciated as well! Thanks and enjoy.
  • Last updated August 23 - New Audio, a special live verion of "Angel"!!
  • Last updated August 21 - The old Guestbook has been retired. Check out the new PYFDB Forum! Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, anything at all you wish in the new Forum. Thanks!
  • Last year we have lost not only a PYFDB member, but a close friend to us all. Debbie Singer was an incredible person; funny, witty, giving, talented, smart, and the list goes on. She was also a devoted fan of Paul Young, more than most I have ever known. Deb will be missed greatly by us all but her memory will live on with us forever. I would like to dedicate the Paul Young Fan Data Base to Debbie Singer, may she rest in peace.
    Read Deb's Story
  • See what Paul Young had to say about the PYFDB HERE!
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