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Debbie Singer

Debbie Singer

Where does one begin in an autobiography? I suppose in my car. so excuse me a moment, while I reconnect the computer to my car's cigarette lighter, should only seem like a millisecond to you guys......Whew, I'm back. It's now dark outside, I started this at 7 in the AM and now its nearly 11 PM. I can barely see my own hand in front of my I will have to continue tomorrow.

Well, here I am again. Bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to tell you all about my PYoungdome. I first heard Paul in "Do They Know It's Xmas" in 1984. I was lying in a hospital bed, and some late night show was playing the weeks Top 10. I looked up when I heard those words,,,"It's Xmas time, and there's no need to be afraid..." I was so awestruck that my heart monitor started buzzing and whistling. If it weren't for the big nurse with the hairy upper lip, I would have gotten to see the whole thing then...that bitch.... (I'm ok now, I don't even recall why I was in the hospital, I think I just needed some attention)

So I was hooked. I begged, borrowed , stole, lied cheated, blagged and liggered to get my grubby little fingers on evey song, picture, interview of his, so I could deem myself the BIGGEST Paul Young fan. My big brother bought me two tickets in 1986 (1985)for his "Secret Of Association" tour ands i was in a mild coma that night, a semi coma I think they call it.

I followed him for years and years, even when he wasnt big in the states anymore. And finally met him in 1991. If you'd like to read that report, it's mildly amusing and I'm still buzzing from it. You can click this link MY PAUL MEETING

I found this group about 6 months ago, and am so glad because now I can talk openly to other fans about Paul and handcuffs and Mongolian Tubas.

Personally, I am somewhere bewtween 21 and 25 years old now. I act like I'm 10 and I live in Miami on South Beach. Currently single, but waiting patiently for Paul's tour manager to marry me, I am a writer, a drinker, a smoker, I'm a gambler and I'm a joker...and I work with stock photography on the side. I'm so, if anyone wants to say hello, please do. (i wont respond of course...>:P ) That's it, I just realized I can't smoke...........with my computer hooked into my ciggy lighter, I may have to give up one of the two.

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