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Excessive Hair-Loss ?

Why not let experts help you!

" The major problem associated with excessive hair-loss caused by a non-diseased origin condition is the individual denial of the problem ", says Dr. Yong, Trichologist. "Instead of recognizing the condition and acting on it to prevent furthering of the damage at the early stages, the person waits until the problem becomes noticeable. At this stage, much damage has taken place. It is wise, and it costs less to start on a program at early stages of your hair-loss".

"Some pharmaceutical companies offer drugs claiming to grow hair. These drugs were initially developed to control serious health problems such as prostate cancer, and can have serious side effects. Accepting the risk of the adverse side effects must be weighted against the benefits. In my opinion the information, data and the duration of the studies are inadequate and insufficient to justify accepting such an assault on your organism in the hope of growing a few extra hairs."

Fortunately, the latest advancements in the understanding of hair-loss has led to the development of more effective remedies and hair-loss maintenance programs. These are gentle and more natural alternatives to radical procedures, scalp surgery and hair transplant.

IKORPENE treatments are applied over the entire affected area with a medicinal eye dropper enclosed with the product, three times a week, every other day, immediately after cleansing and preparing the scalp with IKORPENE FOLLICULAR CLEANSER, and IKORPENE SHAMPOO .

As with many holistic preparations and pure essential oils, any contact of the solutions with eyes or mucous membranes should be avoided to prevent irritation. These treatments are for external use only.


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