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Hair-Loss Products


Soft & Shiny -System 123

IKORPE's Hair-Loss Treatments - have been tested and found more effective when used with "Soft & Shiny' and/or 'IKORPENE' brands product line hygienics formulated to be chemically compatible with the treatments.

Hair-loss specific Energizer, Oil Moderator and STS Concentrate hair loss lotion treatments are available in 110 ml size containers/units. Each unit contains eleven 10 cc scalp treatment applications.

Priced for our retail customer at $ 15.00/unit ( min. order 10 units) at a Sug.Retail price at $ 45.00/ 110 cc unit ;

Many clinics and establishments offering hair-loss solutions, including salons and spas offer 'in-house' Hair-Loss treatments at their establishments at a cost of $20 to $45 per treatment, depending on the service and the treatment type offered. Some establishments offer their clients pre-paid sets of 50, 100 and even 250 treatments at a discount to secure a repeat business.

Directions of use: You may transfer 10 cc of one of the three "123 System" treatment lotion from the storage (110 ml)container/unit into a small glass vial and using a medicinal dropper meter out / dispense the treatment drop by drop and gently massage it into the client's scalp area experiencing the hair-loss. Avoid rubbing and pulling on hair while using a deep scalp massaging technique. (Caution: since the treatment contain alcohol to disolve and extract plants active ingrediants avoid applying the treatment near a source of ignition, or an open fire. Also avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes. In case of eye or skin irrittation, wash the area with copious amount of tap water for at least 15 minutes. In the unlikely case that the eye irritation persists contact a physician.) Many botanical extracts contain eye irritants. The technician applying the treatments should wear reusable latex or plastic gloves. The use of a heating cap is recommended to facilitate a faster treatment absorption and increase in ( scalp ) blood circulation. The treatment application procedure takes approximately 20 minutes: 5-10 minutes spent on the application to the scalp and a massage, followed by 10 minutes rest under a heating cap. To be effective the treatments should not be washed out from hair and scalp for 12-24 hours following the application, after which time the clenasing and the residual treatments removal can be done using chemically compatible cleansing and conditioning products sold under the names Soft & Shiny Pre-Shampoo Cleanser, Shampoo, and Conditioner formulated to enhance the treatments effectivness and to prepare hair and scalp for future 'System 123' treatment application.

Three of the 'System 123' hygienic/cleansing products are available to the retail customers in 110 cc( 4 foz), 230 cc( 8 foz) as well as in 4000 cc size containers. Many retail customers prefer to apply '123 System' hair loss treatments at their businesses or clinics, while others offer and sell 110 cc treatment containers to their clients also with "Soft & Shiny" brand Pre-Shampoo, Shampoo and Triceptic conditioner hygienic products for home applications.

For more information please e-mail your inquiry to

Soft & Shiny hygienics/products are formulated and designed to be compatible with the 'System 123 Hair-Loss Treatments'.

The first of the '123 System' hygienic/product is Soft & Shiny Pre-Shampoo Cleanser.

Soft & Shiny Pre-Shampoo Cleanser gently lifts hair cuticle and prepares the hair shaft for thorough cleansing with a clarifying Soft & Shiny shampoo .

The second of the '123 System' hygienic/product is a Soft & Shiny Clarifying Shampoo.

Soft & Shiny Clarifying Shampoo forms millions of microscopic, hydrophilic micelles which are necessary for the removal of residual debris, and excessive sebum.

The third of the '123 System' hygienic/product is a Soft & Shiny Triceptic Hair Conditioner.

Soft & Shiny Triceptic Conditioner was designed to remain on the hair and the scalp. It need not be rinsed out so it continues to protect, moisturize and condition hair and scalp.

Original Soft & Shiny shampoo have undergone several design changes, while the proven and unique original formulation, which some companies tried but failed to copy, remains unchanged.

Please Note: Companies labelling /naming their hair care products "Soft & Shiny" in USA and Canada may be infringing on IKORPE's intellectual property rights

Only IKORPE Chemicals Ltd. has the legal rights to label and market hair care produsts using Soft & Shiny trade name in Canada and USA. IKORPE's Soft & Shiny hair care product line includes HairLoss treatments, Hair Gels, several hair conditioners, a baby shampoo as a speciality hair and scalp cleansing product designed and specifically formulated for babies and children, a shampoo, which even Johnson & Johnson and and also Unilever international companies manufacture in the third world countries such as Indonesia using the labels : "Soft & Shiny Johnson'd baby shampoo" and "CLEAR Soft & Shiny dandruff shampoo". Do not be mislead by the name similarity, if the manufacturer of Soft & Shiny hair products sold in USA and Canada is other than Ikorpe Chemicals Ltd.

If you seek the original unique Soft & Shiny products , please inform the retailer and request to purchase the original 'Soft & Shiny' products from IKORPE Chemicals Ltd located in Toronto, Ontario. You have the right to report copyright infringements, complain to the sellers andrequest the purchase of the original Soft & Shiny products, and even to possibly for a reward:

To request information on IKORPE's cosmetics, where to purchase them and to report possible illegal sale of Soft & Shiny labelled products made by other than IKORPE Chemicals Ltd. please contact:

to receive information and to qualify to receive a reward as an appreciation for helping the IKORPE to protect its "Soft & Shiny" trademark from an infringement.