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"Building a Better Chatsworth Tomorrow Today Together"

Tuesday, 1st January, 2013

Welcome to Family, Friends and Citizens of the Township of Chatsworth, the City of Owen Sound and the Counties of Grey and Bruce:

Hi, you may not yet know me, I am Joshua E. Eriksen, born, raised and has now returned back home from academic study to professionally work in our naturally beautiful country, one that has been and continues to be so blessed beyond belief, where each one of us are all as different as we are the same in this life. One way in which all of us are similar in living long lives together is doing the daily balancing act, one being the continued dichotomy between personal and professional life, both greatly expect you to be fully honest not only towards others but also yourself, true growth is made when one finds real accountability and transparency within themselves. Another balancing act is found between academics and athletics, where one whether the academic student or gifted athlete strives hard for excellence in either area of study, whether it be in a preseason game or a postsecondary exam. Obviously the challenging times within the world of politics can take a lighter and darker side, depending all upon the circumstance of the situation at hand, where the a life of leisure and luxury can be replaced in a nanosecond by days of depression and despair. But there is a hope in the hurt that burns in hottest of fires, that help to make the hardest of metals out of each and everyone of us all, believing strongly in ourselves and in the Creator who made us equals under the sun to seek justice always in all things.

Deep in the rural hinterland hearts, minds and souls of every concerned citizen who endure the different trials and tribulations down here in woods of our own Queen's Bush, is also the intuitive knowhow which runs progressively through the generations alive and well in every last one of us, starting from the first original natives to the newcoming pioneer settlers, a work ethic that gets things done right the first time, because that is just who we are and what we do right where we live. People do not get the full story, true spirit or even the real strength that is this twin Grey and Bruce Counties region between the mighty Sauble and Saugeen Rivers, but we do, which, at the end of the day, is all that really matters. Only we know what exactly we can do, just where this area is capable of going and when it can finally wipe the sweat off its brow, tears from its eyes and blood out from its mouth, from finding a way out or making one instead, as we know exactly how far our limit is and just how far beyond that they can just watch us go.

This upcoming new year is 2013, that year is our year to get ourselves placed in a proper state of mind, hope and pray for the best ahead of us and prepare and ready for the worse behind us, as we work the land and all around it as hard as we can moving us forward, to come back and achieve our goals over and beyond this Great Recession Worldwide. Whether from the sparkling blue waters of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, which shores up next to Saugeen Shores, Kincardine and Huron Kinloss and from across the Bruce Trail and within the rocks, caves and crevasses of the Niagara Escarpment, which snakes down through Northern Bruce Peninsula, South Bruce Peninsula and Meaford, from below in rolling hilled valleys of Georgian Bluffs, Grey Highlands, Arran Elderslie, Brockton, South Bruce, West Grey, and of course the grand Beaver Valley, right to the very tip tops of our own Blue Mountains. In an individualistic world where we have nothing left to lose, you can find in your community everything alright to gain, pulling together for one another, neighbour helping neighbour like they had helped themselves, fighting tooth and nail up the hill and against the wind, so we could eventually work on down along with it, getting up and dusting ourselves off, so we can begin rallying for all that is right against every wrong imaginable. Perhaps old Sir Wilfrid Laurier was wrong yet still right, when Laurier stated, "The 19th century was that of the United States of America, however I think we can claim that it is the Dominion of Canada that will fill the 20th.", as I think, when looking at the future prosperity and opportunity which awaits the electoral district riding of Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound, Wilfrid likely meant to say the 21st!

  Yours Very Truly,

  Joshua E. Eriksen
Joshua E. Eriksen,

Hamlet of Keady,

Township of Chatsworth,

Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound


Township of Chatsworth All Candidates Debate - Thurs. Oct. 2, 2014 at 7-9 PM - Williamsford Community Centre
Chatsworth Taxpayers for a Safe and Healthy Environment Conversation With Candidates - Tues. Oct. 7, 2014 at 7:30 PM - 584022 Sideroad 60 Berkeley

Candidates for the Township of Chatsworth Municipal Election on Monday, October 27, 2014 by mail in or proxy ballot

Mayor/Reeve(one to be elected)
Incumbent Bob Pringle - 216732 Conc 4, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-2579
Challenger Ron Smith - 796420 East Back Line, Berkeley, ONT., N0H 1C0 - 519-270-5260

Deputy Mayor/Deputy Reeve (one to be elected)
Incumbent Terry Mckay - 134 Crawford St, Box 116, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-2837
Challenger Scott Mackey - 777697 Hwy 10, RR 1, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-3356

Councillor/Alderman(three to be elected)
Incumbent Brian Gamble - 236053 Conc 2B, RR 2, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-2952
Challenger Jerry Downey - 824027 Massie Rd, RR 5, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-3121
Challenger Joshua E. Eriksen - 116819 Grey Road 3, RR 2, Desboro, ONT., N0H 1K0 - 519-371-2502
Challenger Shawn Greig - 158 Boundary Rd, RR 3, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-4053
Challenger Helmut Pankratz - 736031 West Back Line, Markdale, ONT., N0C 1H0 - 519-986-1468
Challenger Trina Simmonds - 396666 Conc 2, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-4813
Challenger William Smith - 703140 Walker SR, RR 1, Chatsworth, ONT., N0H 1G0 - 519-794-4307
Challenger Elizabeth Thompson - 776761 Hwy 10, Holland Centre, ONT., N0H 1R0 - 519-794-2308


Township of Chatsworth

"Chatsworth: the heart of Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound!"

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