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This will be updated at various times as this PH.D research grows. Completion date is expected to be at the beginning of 2001

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activation of evoked text

While reading text, readers establish local coherence in short-term memory...In semantic memory, each concept is connected to a number of other concepts. Activating one concept activates its adjacent concepts which in turn activate their adjacent concepts.

This process continues until further activation of adjacent propositions does not change the propositions used to interprete the text."


the 'Mechanics of Allusion' -

* recognition of marker

* identification of evoked text

* modification of the initial local interprestation of passage

* activation of evoked text

Bakhtin - dialogic philo;




Corpus analysis

corpus = a body of writing by a single author.

The main body or substance of something.

- a form of cross-disciplinary thought which made it possible for members of many disciplines to communicate with each other easily in a language which all could understand'


noun. the branch of science concerned with control systems and comparisons between man-made and biological systems cybernetic - adj cyberneticist - noun. dictionary


de Saussure,



No one owns meaning


Derrida (deconstruct)

"There is nothing outside the text"

emphasizes only source of reality is the free play of signifiers, which ultimately deconstruct of their own accord & call into ? previous Western concepts of meaning.



Discourse Analysis


Discourse Ethics (Habermas)

(3 characterics of)

1. Cognitivism:moral problems are capable of being solved in a rational & cognitive way.

2. Jusitce Vs. Good:

3. Universalization: see principle of Universalization



emphasised discontinuity and difference in history and his privileging of 'polymorphousd correlations in place of simple or complex casuality



situates the moral point of view within the communication framework of a community of selves



Linguistic relativity





existing, operating, or remaining wihin; inherent: occurring entirely within the mind: (god) present throughout the universe



"that meeeting of minds by which two selves take each other's meaning with reference to the same object beheld in common." (Walker Percy)

A "NONCAUSAL BOND" forming a "tetradic relationship" of Symbol (or sign), Organism1 (I) and Orgaganism2 (Thou)



The notion that writings derive their meaning not by reference to external reality but from their relationships to other writings.



intertextuality. influenced by work of Bakhtin. Charts a three-dimensional textual space (intersecting planes which have horizontal & vertical axes" whose 3 "coordinates of dialogue" are the writing subject, the addressee (or ideal reader), & exterior texts...any text is constructed as a mosaic of quotations; any atext is the absorption & transformation of another.


Linguistic relativity

Humboldt, Sapir, Whorf

that culture through language, affects the way in which we think, and especially our classification of the experienced world



An issue of the analytic philosphy and of the linguistic turn.

see 'propedeutic'

theory that is convinced all moral questions could sufficiently be handled on the neutral and theoretical level of language analysis






having, taking or passing through many different forms or stages



a philosphical system that bases knowledge on perception - Auguste Comte in which the importance of positive science is stressed. esp. that of sociology ove relition and

metaphysics. The quality of being definite, certain





principle of Universalization (habermas)

The essential point of discourse ethics by h. is formulated in the principle of universalization & what it entails (the principle of discourse): 'A norm is valid only if "all affected can accept the consequences and the side affects its general observance can be anticipated to have for the satisfaction for everyone's interests


propedeutic (meta-ethical)

a reflection which clarifies the moral jugments in terms of language analysis. (Habermas)



the doctrine that reason is the proper basis for regulating morals, conduct; knowledge is acquired by reason without regard to experience.



Linguistic relativity


semiotics and linguistics

de Saussure


Julia Kristeva

Umber Eco


Umber Eco

stresses that culture is a collective experience





Linguistic relativity




'Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.