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"A one who understand the past and share with others has a better understanding of today."

Important Toronto 2000 Get together Information
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       This Home page is dedicated to the teachers and graduates of Harar Medhane-Alem, Junior High School, and Teacher Training Institute (TTI). It was these academic institutions located in Harer, Ethiopia that were responsible for teaching more than 100,000 students in the last 50 years.

       There is currently an attempt to establish contact with the schools and provide information about the history, vital statistics, school pictures, etc. about these schools. We also would like to collect enough alumni addresses and then create an organization that will enable us to network and be able to raise funds and offer material support to these schools.

       We would like to encourage all friends to participate actively on this noble effort and join us in championing the project. We would appreciate your signing the Guest Book and leave your name and e-mail address so that we would be able to establish YeHarar Lijotch Network.

       We took this initiative because we deemed to be our civic duty and a just cause. We thought we all have moral and historical responsibility to sustain the legacy and give back to these institutions, which opened doors to so many of us, and without whom our burning desire for education would have remained unfulfilled.

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Created by: Yared and Lemma Getachew
Columbus, Ohio