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Welcome to the Crooked Door, home of the net's newest and most deviant Rock acts and Rock related sites. Do you think you have what it takes to become a member? Send us your page and let the world decide. If we like you, we'll send you mail. If we don't like you, we'll send you twice the mail. You might even win the prestigious Crooked Door Award, given to those hosting the best in free amateur music sites. Click on the door to preview this months premiere act, Hammy & The Technoids. Remember folks, taste knows no boundaries!

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Greetings from Wallaceburg, home of the world's hardest rockers. This town is located in Kent County about four miles from the Walpole Island, ON/Alganac, MI ferry crossing. Due to a meteor crash which occurred in this area about twenty thousand years ago, the town's inhabitant's are trapped in a time-space continuum. Things are very slow to change. Fashions are seventies, attitudes are sixties and family values are fifties. Kind of like Beaver Cleaver meets Saturday Night Fever. The only thing that is truly progressive in this town is the music. We have it all here, from Bach to Spoc but I'm going to focus on my favourite, Alternative/Rock'n'Roll. The following is a list of cool links and the homepages of all my favourite radio stations. Have fun!


Power Windows

Canadian Music Week


Much Music



A Day In The Garden

L.A. Live

Music Videos

Net Radio

Rolling Stone

Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Lilith Fair

Ticket Master Canada

Ultimate Band List

Lyric Search


Rat Hole

Underground Music Archive

First Music

All Music


Jam TV

Rock Online

Live Online

Inner Views


Virtual Drums

The Seventh String

Antenna Internet Radio


Rock Mag

Wall Of Sound


Addicted To Noise

New Musical Express


Music Newswire

Burning Man


Radio Vibes

CKUE 94.3 The Rock Chatham, Ontario
CFHK 103.1 The Hawk London, Ontario
CFPL 95.9 FM96 London, Ontario
CHKS 106.3 K Rock Sarnia, Ontario
CIDR 93.9 The River Windsor, Ontario
CIMX 88.7 The X Windsor, Ontario
CJAM 91.5 CJam Windsor, Ontario
WCSX 94.7 Classic Rock Detroit, Michigan
WKRK 97.1 Extreme Radio Detroit, Michigan
WRIF 101.1 The Riff Detroit, Michigan
WPLT 96.3 The Planet Detroit, Michigan
WWWW 106.7 Alice Detroit, Michigan
WEBN 102.7 Lunatic Fringe Cincinnati, Ohio
WMMS 100.7 The Buzzard Cleavland, Ohio

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