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Ragamuffin Crochet Dishcloths

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I had a bunch of tiny balls of cotton yarn that was leftover from larger projects and I needed to find use for them. This pattern is SUPER Easy and an awesome stashbuster!! I made a bunch of these to keep at the trailer, and when I do the laundry, I can always tell which ones are the cloths that are for home use and which ones are only for the trailer! :) Please remember that you do not have to have complete squares, they do not have to be perfect! :)

You will need:

ANY colours and amounts of crochet cotton yarn
G or H crochet hook
Your Wonderful Imagination to create colour combinations

Chain 40, hdc in the second chain from the hook. Chain 1, turn.

Hdc in first stitch, and in each stitch across row. Chain 1, turn.

Continue rows, changing colours whenever your yarn runs out. Do not change colours only at the ends of rows, be creative and change during rows.

:) HAVE FUN! :)

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