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Plastic Canvas Patterns for YOU

HI! Thanks for coming to have a look at some of my patterns. All patterns have been made with my Plastic Canvas Design Studio program on my computer.

I hate rules, but I do have just one: Please do not take these patterns to sell them. Feel free to make the projects to give to your family, friends, keep for yourself or you can even sell the finished projects, just please don't sell my patterns. :)

I really hope you have fun looking around and find something you like! I am pretty new to plastic canvas so the patterns may not have alot of details or be very good colour combinations, but I am working on it, and anything you think you could improve by changing, please feel free!

A clever woman on one of my groups said, "Change the colours, change the pattern, do whatever you like, to make the project really yours."


Patterns for You!

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