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Plastic Canvas Bingo Dabber Magnets!

Here is a cool new pattern for you!
Whether you call it a dabber or a dauber,
you will have fun stitching this to keep
or for a friend for luck!

Make it in one colour, or make a bunch
in all of the colours of the rainbow!

janie :)

Pink = White Yarn
Purple = Any colour you prefer.

Overcast in corresponding yarn colours.
Glue magnet on the back.

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This Pattern is an Original Pattern made by me, Janie :)

Feel free to share it, post the link on websites, groups, mailing lists, wherever you think someone might want to see it.

Please make as many as you like and print as many copies as you want. But please do not steal my pattern and claim it as your own or post the actual pattern on your website.

have a great day!!

Feb11 2005