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Birthday Present / Christmas Gift Dishcloth

I used Bernat Handcrafter Cotton Yarn

skein Main Colour = MC
skein Ribbon Colour = RC
small amount of Variegated
G Crochet Hook

Special note: Do not break yarn when changing colours. When working center 6 stitches of rows (ribbon section), carry MC behind RC and work stitches over it. Drop RC, but do not cut off, when changing back to MC to complete rows. (You will pick this back up when you work your way back across in the next row.)

Row 1. With MC, ch 33. hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next 12, change to RC, hdc in next 6, change to MC, hdc in remaining 13 chains. Ch 2, turn.

Rows 2 10. hdc in 13 stitches, change to RC, hdc in next 6 stitches, changing to MC on 6th stitch and hdc across remaining stitches. Change to RC in last stitch of the 10th row. Ch 2, turn.

Note: At the end of the RC in the 10th row, cut RC yarn and weave in end and continue with MC to finish the row.

Rows 11 14. Continuing with RC, hdc in first stitch and across, ch 2, turn, changing to MC at the end of row 14.

Rows 15 24. Starting with MC, repeat Rows 2 10. finishing at the end of the last row.

Cut 12 inch strands of various matching colours, pull them thru the middle and tie a pretty bow for the gift wrap.

ok its a terrible pic LOL, but it turned out so pretty that i just had to share the pattern.


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