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Clearer Diagonal Stitch Directions (with PICS!)

**Instructions provided are here with kind permission from the author and photographer, Angela. THANK U ANGELA!!**

Good evening!

A few people said they had trouble with the diagonal stitch, so I took a few photos as I worked on my lastest baby blanket.

The trick is that you have to crochet into the side of the blocks on the row below.

The whole thing is made up of blocks...chain three then three double crochet. Normally we would say that the chain three counts as the first double crochet and each block is made up of the equivalent of four double crochets.

But that doesn't work for this stitch. The chain three at the beginning of each block becomes the base for the block on the next row!

First photo...chain three to start the block...

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Do three dc around the chain three from the previous row....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Slip stitch into the next block on the row below between the chain 3 and the first dc....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Turning to start the next row is also a bit tricky at first. When you finish a row, chain five and turn, then do three dc into the fourth chain from the hook. You now have your first block, complete with three chains at the beginning. Then slip stitch into the space between the chain three and the first dc of the last block on the last row. See photo below...the chain three is white and I slip stitched under it....

You crochet around the chain three, using it as the base for the first block of the new row and then you slip stitch into the second last block of the last row and make your second block for the new row, etc.

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Good luck! Hope this helps!


Permission kindly given by Angela for me to post her instructions and graphics here. THANK U SO MUCH ANGELA!!! hugsss!

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