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Below is the text of the news release of March 24, 2000, that was read as a speech, including the Phoenix Mayor's Global Peace Zone Proclamation, in the morning of that day by David Crockett Williams outside Senator John McCain's office to the Global Peace Walk 2000 gathering there as the first formal public announcement of this USCampaign.

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From: "David Crockett Williams" -
To: "Williams-Peltier Administration" -
Subject: Kickoff--CLEAN-ENERGY CAMPAIGN 2000:
Introducing Solutions into Elections 2000 (23March2000)
Date: Thursday, March 23, 2000 1:28 PM

From: David Crockett Williams -
To: Evan Soule' -
Cc: Leonard Peltier Defense Committee -;
Harvey Arden -;
Global Peace Walk Project -;
Baseline Mansion -;
EarthDay2000 Chris Curtis -
Subject: Kickoff--CLEAN-ENERGY CAMPAIGN 2000:
Introducing Solutions into Elections 2000
Date: Thursday, March 23, 2000 12:26 PM


For Immediate Release: March 24, 2000, 4:20AM

Clean-Energy Campaign 2000 Introducing Solutions into Elections 2000

USCampaign -- contact: David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309

In Phoenix, March 24-29th, 602-305-7988

A Dark Horse Candidate for the US Presidency, from the small California town of Tehachapi, will be making his move to the starting gate Friday, March 24th, not running but walking for the world's "Top Dog" position, by joining the five days of events in Phoenix, Arizona, of the Global Peace Walk 2000 from San Francisco to the United Nations, starting at 9AM outside Senator John McCain's district office building and walking to Phoenix City Hall to thank the mayor for his proclamation of March 21st designating Phoenix as a Global Peace Zone to help inspire a worldwide Global Peace Zone 2000.

Mayor Rimsza's proclamation also recognizes the Baseline Mansion's Phoenix CoHousing Project which is hosting these events for creating a local culture of peace, including this weekend's musical celebration.

At that 9AM occasion, David Crockett Williams will make a brief formal announcement of his Independent Candidacy for United States President, with Leonard Peltier as his Vice Presidential Candidate, and deliver documents to Senator McCain's office asking for his consideration of important platform information by the Republican Party regarding new energy technologies now available to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and neutralize radioactive wastes.

"New Science Meets The Straight Talk Express."

Phoenix area resident Joseph Newman, who for some time has been conducting an unofficial Write-In Candidacy for US President, has also been invited to take part in these five days of events, finishing with his scheduled clean energy presentation to the walkers on March 28th, the 21st anniversary of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant accident. (Joseph Newman 480-657-3722)

Williams is proposing a Newman-Williams Independent/Write-In Presidential Candidates Forum at the Baseline Mansion's Phoenix CoHousing Project Stage, on Wednesday, 10AM March 29th, c/o Brian Kruger 602-305-7988.

"I have a 'mission impossible' just getting to reach 'underdog' candidate status," Williams says, "but as a solutions-oriented campaign we are committed to seriously using the US Electoral Process to bring our solutions to public attention so they may be adopted by those running this year. Since it will take a miracle to win, we will be successful if enough people just learn about them as a result of this USCampaign."

Previously an Independent 1996 US Presidential Candidate, scientist-activist Williams, as a Global Emergency Alert Response, has this time tapped US political prisoner and indigenous spiritual leader Leonard Peltier as his "walking mate" for this USCampaign Independent Presidential Candidacy which Williams vows will continue "indefinitely, beyond the Year2000, until Leonard Peltier is free, AND the US Government adopts its solutions to the national and global problems facing modern society".

Peltier, Williams, and the Global Peace Walkers agree that the most important message for all 21st Century leaders to understand is that "Spirituality is the Highest Form of Politics".

As a research scientist and spiritual practitioner, Williams is convinced that new discoveries in modern science offer a chemical-physics of consciousness to reconcile conflicting religious beliefs, to harmonize all life -- while making available technologies to replace nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil fuel power, neutralize radioactive wastes, regreen the planet -- and to Manifest the Global Destiny of America as a Spiritual United Nation, One Nation Under God.

Among the many survival issue messages, letters, and proclamations of support that Global Peace Walk 2000 is carrying to Washington DC, and to the United Nations for its 55th anniversary October 24th to help inaugurate this UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century (and to mark the midpoint of the UN's International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples 1995-2004), are those from the Phoenix Mayor, from Newman, from the National Coordinator of the Earth Day Network, from Williams, and from American Indian Movement spiritual leader and, according to Amnesty International, US political prisoner Leonard Peltier whose message of support says of the Walk's central theme, "Global Peace Now is critical to the survival of the human race. Global Peace Now is not just an invitation, it is a great cry for us to open our eyes and ears, to use our heads and hands and create the kinds of change that will save the planet and all who live and breathe upon Her."

Williams agreed last weekend to nominate Leonard Peltier as his Vice Presidential candidate for legal authority as US President to pardon Peltier with an eye on the precedent of Nelson Mandela who went from political prisoner to President of South Africa and who now earnestly supports executive clemency for Leonard Peltier.

Williams does not have, and will not have, the endorsement of his USCampaign Independent Presidential Candidacy from either Newman, the Earth Day Network, or the Global Peace Walk project.

Williams has vowed that no money will ever be collected in the name of his USCampaign Independent Presidential Candidacy. Instead, any expenses will be born individually by campaign volunteers for whatever they want to do to help. Between now and Earth Day 2000, April 22nd, he is seeking commitments of those who will be his Presidential Electors listed on each State's ballot access petitions to be circulated to meet deadlines during the three months following.

"Political Parties have wrecked America in the last century", says Williams, " 'The Party's Over' and its time to get serious about saving the Earth and ending wars and violence forever!"

Global Peace Walk 2000 is carrying this new Clean-Energy information in support of the Earth Day 2000 "Clean Energy Now!" campaign which is globally poised to engage some 500 million participants drawn from nearly every nation on Earth to April 22nd gatherings such as the annual Global Peace Walk celebration of "Global Peace Now!" in Taos, New Mexico, on the way to which this spiritual walk is conducting ceremonies, celebrations, and fundraising now in Arizona.

"Supporting the work of the Global Peace Walk 2000 and its Earth Day celebration is vitally important. I strongly encourage your organization to actively participate in planning and funding activities associated with this educational, action-oriented effort", says Earth Day Network National Coordinator Christopher J. Curtis in his support letter for the Global Peace Walk 2000 received yesterday .

Scheduled for March 28th as a final Global Peace Walk 2000 event in Phoenix is a presentation and demonstration by local Energy Machine Inventor Joseph Newman of his non-polluting Revolutionary Energy Technology designed to replace all nuclear and fossil fuel power systems. In the past Newman has had the support of the Republican Congressional Caucus and eleven Congresspeople who unsuccessfully introduced bills to grant him a US Patent by Congressional Act because the US Patent Office has continuously refused to do so. Reportedly now protected by NAFTA and a Mexican patent, Newman says he is finally ready to manufature this fuel-less electric power generator invention after over thirty years of offering his life's work for the benefit of all humanity. In a recent internet auction, the first unit of this motor/generator was purchased on a top bid up from $2,000 to $3,600 by an electrical engineer at a power plant in Indonesia who is coming all the way to Phoenix for Mr. Newman to present it to him on this occasion.

Newman's Press Release of March 14, 2000, Einstein's birthday, says "The March for World Peace on March 28, 2000 in the Phoenix Area coincides with Joseph Newman's belief's and lifework and represents the 'WILL OF GOD'. All good and caring people should attend the March for World Peace."

In his email "To the People of the World" dated Tuesday, February 22, 2000 12:47 PM, Newman says, "I believe in the Goal of the Global Peace Walk, and I warmly ask people to not only give their physical presence to the event, but most importantly to give their HONEST THOUGHTS in its support. God has stated that WE ARE ALL TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER, and that most definitely includes the 7 Major Religions of the World."

For more information:

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Global Peace Walk 2000 Phoenix Events Flyer/Schedule

Joseph Newman

Leonard Peltier


Clean-Energy Campaign creation document & information, links

Copy of Phoenix Mayor Rimsza's signed Proclamation is posted at

------------------------text of Phoenix Mayoral Proclamation:

City of Phoenix
Office of the Mayor
A Proclamation

Global Peace Zone 2000

Whereas, the Global Peace Walk Project began in 1995 to promote the original purpose of the United Nations Charter to end wars and violence and to promote global peace; and

Whereas, today's world is still rife with wars and violence, suggesting humanity itself must learn a Peaceful Way of Life; and

Whereas, Global Peace Walk 2000 is being conducted across America to mark the 55th anniversary of the United Nations and to help inaugurate the UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century; and

Whereas, the Year 2000 marks the midpoint of the UN Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples, 1995-2004; and

Whereas, Global Peace Walk 2000 seeks to unite all of humanity in the firm resolve of "Global Peace Now!" for a worldwide Global Peace Zone; and

Whereas, the Global Peace Walk 2000 activities in Phoenix, March 24-28, 2000, are being hosted by the Baseline Mansion's Phoenix CoHousing Project to promote a local culture of peace;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, SKIP RIMSZA, MAYOR of the City of Phoenix, Arizona, do hereby proclaim the City of Phoenix as a GLOBAL PEACE ZONE, and urge all citizens to work for the creation of a culture of peace for the 21st Century.

Given under my hand in these free United States in the City of Phoenix, on the twenty-first of March, two thousand; and to which I have caused the Seal of the City of Phoenix to be affixed and have made this proclamation public.

[signed] Skip Rimsza

[signed] Vicky Miel
City Clerk

=========================end proclamation text


David Crockett Williams
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (CSUN, CA, 1969)
Chartered Life Underwriter (American College, PA, 1971)
20411 Steeple Court, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Independent Candidate for United States President 2000
Leonard Peltier, Vice Presidential Candidate


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Joseph Newman, the well known new energy inventor mentioned above cancelled his scheduled 28March2000 presentation and demonstration to the Global Peace Walkers as a result of this press release being issued over his disagreement and non-endorsement with the initiation of this USCampaign Independent US Presidential Candidacy of Williams-Peltier, as he had previously warned that he would, because he himself has declared himself a write-in candidate for US President. However, in an earlier phone conversation with Newman about Leonard Peltier's case, Mr. Newman agreed that if he were elected president that he would pardon Peltier. More information on Newman and his controversial work is at

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