Leonard Peltier: “Global Peace Now!”
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”Give My Love to The People!”

Nov1 White House Peace March 2018 for Peltier Clemency
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A March for Peaceful Energy

Message of Peace from Leonard Peltier for the Global Peace Walk to share with the public. The last thing he said to me on the phone from prison while we were at the LPDC office in Kansas was, “Give my love to the people!”

Suggesting this theme/meme for expediting Peltier Clemency:

“Much gratitude will be due President Trump for freeing Leonard Peltier to expose and remedy the institutionalized FBI-BIA corruption falsifying the evidence used to convict him and many others.”

Please Support the Global Peace March, Offering The Real Truth Message of Peace, to the White House and United Nations, November 1-11, 2018, from Greenbelt National Park, Global Peace Council Oct24-31:

[Received as fax April 24, 1995, 18:14 hours, from 913-842-5795, LPDC CHS]

(913) 842-5774 FAX (913) 842-5796


Statement of Leonard Peltier, April 23rd, 1995
for Global Peace Walk

Greetings My Sisters and Brothers,

I send you my love and support from behind these prison walls! You are in my heart for the sacrifice you endure in helping to make our Earth Mother a place of peace and harmony. As we approach the anniversary of the United Nations and as we close in on the next century it is of vital importance that the message of peace be made clear.

It pains me to witness violence against our international neighbors as well as against ourselves. Planting bombs in buildings is as great an atrocity as arming and training overseas death squads. Constructing nuclear arsenals is as devastating as saying and doing nothing to stop their production.

The Peace Walk and Global Unity Events are an example to all of us. You represent the importance of reconciliation and unity. By the action you have taken, the letters collected, people educated, and resolutions gathered, you demonstrate to people around the world the significance and impact a group of compassionate individuals can summon in an effort to better the planet for all of its inhabitants.

Global Peace Now is critical to the survival of the human race. Collectively, we have been apathetic to the state of our neighbors and the deteriorating condition of our Earth Mother for too long. Global Peace Now is not just an invitation, it is a great cry for us to open our eyes and ears, to use our heads and hands and create the kinds of change that will save the planet and all who live and breathe upon Her.

I wish that I could join you. I wish that I could be with you, to help out and offer my assistance in any way I could in this beautiful effort toward peace. I pray that soon we can be together so that I may embrace you for the sacrifice you make, your blistered feet and hungry bellies. Know that although I am still in prison, my heart is there within reach of every one of you.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier

(dictated over the phone to Lisa Faruolo, April 23, 1995)

Leonard's website: http://whoisleonardpeltier.info

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