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Undestanding the "Common Oneness" of Buddhism and Islam
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Buddha, Allah, and Science Solution Global Peace Plan
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See: 24Nov03 - The Science Solution Global Peace

Undestanding the "Common Oneness" of Buddhism and Islam

I'm sending you this post by way of introduction and request for your networking on the American Peace March 2003-2004 project triggered by the Steps for Peace Walk Across America inspired and supported by Dennis Kucinich, towards his White House by getting him the public support asap now to implement his policies for global peace even sooner by proper public support compelling the Bush Administration.

This was a special intro bcc to Council on American-Islamic Relations chapters in various locations per their website due to my understanding that Dennis is speaking Nov.29 at their national gathering, and copied to some lists that I am on where a bit of the below info was previously posted, and a few well selected others.

Steps for Peace and below expansion it has triggered as the American Peace March Project will, insha'Allah, have very soon impact on the world situation by your understanding and application of information below asap, including my personal intro info as a 58 year old Anglo-American who embraced Islam under tutelage of my dear friend at my age 18 in Los Angeles.

Many of your areas feature the routes of this American Peace March scheduled for now until Feb.29, ending along with the Steps for Peace walk in San Francisco, with promo "feeder routes" scheduled as local "peace relay walk" events and "Peace Sunday" events per below referenced details url's etc. This is for networking towards not only a big event in SF Feb.28-29 but also to prepare for 2004 when these same routes will go in the opposite directions and across country with "feeder routes" to the four directions from SF 20Mar04 as coordinated with local networking events converging on Washington DC 24Oct04 in what is intended to be the largest peace walk in world history.

Now, East Route schedule includes Jerusalem Ceremony to Unite The Three Faiths on 22Dec03 for 40th anniversary of "Global Minute for Peace" observance (23rd walk Jerusalem to Bethlehem) with coordinated local main events in Atlanta walking Carter Center to King Center to send off Dallas Route west, Christmas Dec. 25th in Baghdad, Jan.15 Prashanti Nilayam India and in US at the four corners of the nation simultaneously with main event OK City Murrah, Feb.2 Lhasa, Feb.6 Tiennamen Square Beijing and Santa Barbara and the Hopi-Navajo Flagstaff AZ area on Tibetan-Hopi connection, so just the publicizing of these ideas, hopefully with Dennis' help and support, will soon bring out new info between now and then globally to take pressure off immediately. See new entry "Inspiration to End Global Terrorism" at

Please study url above for details and time valued schedules for your areas for coordinated promo events in your communities asap for good networking with local groups to unite all progressive issues under the American Peace March generic banner and thereby get more exposure for policies of Dennis Kucinich and for the cause of global peace now.

Also below are examples of special messages towards better public understanding of the pending "scientific revolution" now availing new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, as well as bridging understandings between science and "spirituality" via forefront "physics of consciousness" developments, information you can share and network with appropriate groups and departments at your area universities, news media, in local communities, etc.

By way of personal introduction, I graduated with a BS degree in Chemistry from Cal State Northridge in 1969 and gave my first public lecture there on my "Tetron Thesis" on September 10, 2001, the day before the 9-11 attack. I have done a lot of work at UC Santa Barbara over the years and the current mayor there and her predecessors have issued several proclamations of support over the years for various peace walks and projects as one cited below indicates. One of my sons graduated BA in political science at Cal Berkeley and is now in U Penn law school, while my daughter is at Santa Barbara City College, but I am away from them both in Tehachapi CA caretaking my elderly mother and doing internet work on various projects including working towards Dennis Kucinich winning the 2004 election, not by a landslide but by an avalanche. I was introduced to Dennis by Dr. Brian O'Leary PhD who was science and energy policy advisor to four previous presidential candidates, Morris Udall, George McGovern, Walter Mondale, and Jesse Jackson. Dr. O'Leary is cited in the below excerpt of a recent letter from the California Energy Commission that references this new energy tech genre, which has been suppressed by government dual-use military secrecy restrictions because the public does not know enough about this to demand their implementation to free us from nuclear power and going to wars over oil. I started what was apparently the first yahoogroup on the net to draft Dennis to run for president staring Dec.2002 after a year of urging by my colleagues to help draft him to run.

More details on my background and work are at the GEAR2000 site below, now being extensively updated after 3years dormancy in favor of setting up many different yahoogroups for various projects.

Please help spread this information among your networks and help get it into the public consciousness via local groups, news media etc

This part next is copied from my first post to the muslims4kucinich group so members would understand how my views are influenced by my first spiritual teacher, 40 years ago in Los Angeles at my age 18 when I was tutored in the knowledge of Islam by my dear friend James Leland Waldron who was the first anglo-american member of the Los Angeles Mosque meetings before the now big Islamic Center there was built. Jim was a brilliant linguist and adept at the various musical instruments, songs, and dances of the Arabic cultures and went on to teach Koran at my alma mater, Cal State University at Northridge, after some years in the US Air Force as a translator between Russian, Arabic, and English. Since I studied German in school he helped me also practice my German language and he was only a year older than I at that time. He taught me some little Arabic and helped me memorize one Sura which I still use in my ecumenical prayer ceremony liturgy, after long study and practice of a personal spiritual path greatly influenced by his teachings then about the nature of The One God. Under his tutleage before he studied while in the Air Force with Idries Shah in Afghanistan and thereafter wrote his anonymous book on Sufism, I embraced the Faith of Islam at age 18 at one of the LA Friday mosque gatherings in an east LA meeting room. I never learned the ritual prayer form, but have kept what he taught me dear in my heart since then which has influenced my personal path permanently since. The story of how this came to impact my study as a scientist and the development of my Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory equations conclusion in 1977 by an experience of "absolute identity" while voicing Leh ihl leh heh ihl Allah to the beat of the drum while practicing the drumming chanting of Mahatma Gandhi's Guruji, is at

My view now is that there is much similarity between the essence of the teachings of Islam and the teachings of this Buddhism as taught by Fujii Guruji, ie, the principle emblematic "object of worship" being the Mu in Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo which Mu is "the void" as similarly symbolized by the niche in all mosques in the direction of Mecca, this niche sybolizing the emptiness (void) also the object of zen meditation and the symbol of the empty Qaaba after the idols were thrown out and before the meteorite was installed there. Fujii Guruji taught that the statues used on altars etc were not idols in the way of Islamic understanding but only emblematic symbols of the mind of the human being in a condition of enlightenment to the nature of this "void" or "emptiness", ie, the enlightened mind of any human being which mind is termed "Buddha mind" and it is mistake to think that the word Buddha is the name of a particlar human being. So part of my spiritual mission seems to have become the "translation" of the "oneness" and "absolute identity" between the Truth of Islam and the correct interpretation of Buddha.

[You will see in the very important letter of support, for our Global Peace Walk '95 for the United Nations 50th Anniversary, from the Islamic Center of Central Missouri, a valuable example and usable precedent peace message to cite now promoting it with the American Peace March project sequel to Global Peace Walk, the Center's Cultural Officer's offering of fundamental Islamic teaching of peace especially mentioning the Oneness of Allah. This is a good time, in context of your gathering 29th with Dennis Kucinich, to offer such peace message from CAIR for American Peace March project to spread around the world via internet and news media coverage of its local walk events which will only happen as soon as local understanding human beings grasp the idea and implement it independently of any organization or centralization.]

What I have wanted to say to the Islamic believers is that the use of the drum while chanting the prayer Leh ihl leh heh ihl Allah, is very powerful as per my experience in chanting these prayers with the drum as per teaching of Guruji and example of Gandhi who also took up this practice. Should the believers of Islam take up the drum with this great prayer of Islam, it will truly help manifest a world where all understand the nature of The One God and surrender their own personal desire "will" to His Will, ie, the whole of humanity as True Muslim.

It is said that during the night before God's Messenger Muhammed led the ride into Mecca to empty the Qaaba and bring the Faith of The One God there, they stayed up all night chanting this prayer to the beat of drums. Most people only think of that ride as with swords drawn and all together voicing this great prayer "mantra" of Islam that the people surrendered to the faith without any blood being shed, but most people are confused over if that was because of the fear of the sword or the faith of the prayer. I believe it was the power of the prayer enhanced by the beat of the drum and that is why I now suggest this practice as a better alternative "weapon" for the "intifada" (self-purification to "uprise" human consciousness to a higher level from which the solution to problems becomes known) via this practice of nonviolence adopted with the drumming prayer example of Gandhi per his/our Guruji about whom you may see at and some of his talks now in English at

This is my offering to set the context for this important post below.

Since my name is David Crockett Williams, Jr., after my father, Jim gave me the Islamic spiritual name after understanding my mind of,

Daoud ibn Daoud, Abdul Allah

Thanks for whatever you can do to help.

[bracketed part] above new here inserted for CAIR folks. You will see in my personal history writeup, which I do not believe Dennis has read yet even though he emailed me twice 10months ago when I started the first internet group on the net to draft him to run for president at my colleagues urging, there is a Mystery in my life about the 5May76 occurance of the sound of Torahkum which someone told me in Hebrew language means "The Law stands up" so this is why I feel a special responsibility to unite the Three Faiths of Jerusalem in peace with this message on nonviolence for all.

Regarding the Sai mentioned below, many feel he is Al Mehdi

[report snipped here, see The Science Solution]

David, eldest son of another David
Karma Tsering Thrchen
(my Buddhist name per HH Karmapa 5Mar77)

David Crockett Williams, Jr. 661-822-3309

One human being living in Tehachapi, California

Global Emergency Alert Response 2000

See: 24Nov03 - The Science Solution Global Peace

Buddha according to Gandhi's Fujii Guruji