Criticisms of Others really of Oneself

My "constructive" criticisms are really frustration and lack of self-control on my part, upset about my own inadequacies while seeking to be free from the criticisms of others -- better to view praise and criticism with equanimiity to learn better.

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Cleveland, Energy Revolution Dogs Derelict Kucinich Steps for Peace, Triggers American Peace March 2003-2004 as Red Road sequel to the United Nations 50th & 55th Anniversaries Global Peace Walks '95, '00

Dennis Kucinich peace walker Jonathan Meier and Kucinich Presidential Campaign coordinating their Steps for Peace Walk Across America are charged with dereliction of duty for failing to do their homework and refusing to communicate the truth of what happened from New York City to Washington DC with their political misuse of the peace walk genre, for disrespecting the Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware, local activists, and major news media on the steps of Wilmington City Hall by failing to show up on Nov.6 as per their schedule of several weeks for Wilmington peace walk event honoring the devotion to duty of Delaware and National Hero Caesar Rodney, in respect of Maj. Gen. Rodney's famous July 1-2, 1776, midnight ride to Philadelphia to cast the decisive vote for American Independence as depicted on the back of the first State quarter issued by the US Mint.

That same day, Nov.6 the California Energy Commission Chairman under Governor Gray Davis issued a letter of appreciation, for the information provided regarding the so-called new "space energy" technologies genre to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power pending relaxation of federal "dual-use" military secrecy orders, referencing public testimony four months earlier to CEC by Kucinich supporter Dr. Brian O'Leary PhD who was science and energy policy advisor and speechwriter to four previous Democratic Party Presidential Candidates, Morris Udall, George McGovern, Walter Mondale, and Jesse Jackson, before researching and becoming expert on below "Coming Energy Revolution" technologies discussed in emails blocked and bounced by Meier and Kaplan who refused to read them, refused to "do their homework," still refuse to explain what happened in New York City after San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown's scheduling secretary on the phone excited about the idea of her mayor on two days notice flying to NYC to take the first steps towards San Francisco with this peace walk, expecting to garner national and international news media coverage thereby for such peace issues, due arrangements from California from all-night efforts over weeks by an experienced co-coordinator of the United Nations 50th and 55th Anniversary Global Peace Walks across America to inaugurate the UN 1995-2004 Decade of The World's Indigenous Peoples and the 2000-2009 Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century.

Is this any way to run a peace walk administered by a Kucinich Presidential Campaign Headquarters Office in Cleveland?

Walking and talking to idolize a political candidate, but ignoring key issues that he is championing for the cause of global peace, and the energy independence to end wars over oil supplies and corruption in government therefrom, this is not "any way to run a Peace Walk".

This is an example of lack of responsibility and accountability, and not befitting supporters of Dennis Kucinich for US President.

Today this Steps for Peace Walk arrives in Cleveland for tomorrow Thanksgiving Party and walk with locals today and out of town on Friday. Will they do their homework and tell the truth to the public and news media? Why did they ignore arrangements from CA towards getting Kucinich and Meier on the David Letterman Show in NYC Oct.30 so Dave could give Jonathan a congratulations letter to carry and deliver to new California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Why did they not respond to pending arrangements for Yoko Ono to join the walk event at the John Lennon Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park Oct.30-31 candlelight vigil before walk to the UN to share Dennis Kucinich's plan to get the US out of Iraq and the UN in?

Cat got their tongues?

Both the cause of global peace now and the Kucinich presidential campaign will be better served if their activists do their homework on this issue, and look closely at the footprints on the pathway to global peace now left by the Global Peace Walks of 1995 and 2000 which also carried these messages across country with support of many mayors and peace and social justice organizations, including San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown whose global peace mayoral message proclaimed San Francisco a Global Peace Zone like other city mayors have also done, to support the prayer for "Global Peace Now!" as the universal human resolve, as also referenced below.

The such letter from the Columbus, Ohio, Native American Indian Center said, "We hope that all of the human race of the Global Village will endorse and support the Global Peace Walk. It is our sincere thought that all of us, despite our race, religion, nationality, and creed can develop a mutual respect for one another and develop a love for The Creation. If each one of us think and act for the welfare of the coming generations, perhaps such calamities as war, hunger, homelessness, addiction, racism, hatred, and environmental deterioration will no longer exist."

American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis Banks who initiated their Longest Walk from San Francisco to Washington DC of 1978 has endorsed Kucinich for President while his colleague Leonard Peltier languishes in Federal prison for his 28th year, due to later acknowledged FBI falsified ballistics evidence and a racist judge, acknowledged by Amnesty International as a US political prisoner analogous to Nelson Mandela under South African Apartheid (who along with His Holiness Dalai Lama and many other prominent leaders have called repeatedly for the release of Leonard Peltier).

The still-ongoing American Indian Genocide at Big Mountain AZ over access to more coal to burn for electricity has relocated them intentionally to radioactive wastelands while their coal is burned in unfiltered power plants producing acid rains all over the world, when these new energy technologies were presented as the better alternative in 1989 to end the need to burn that coal. This is the territory where the Steps for Peace walk will be in late January. Will they tell about it now in Cleveland? Do they know?

Is the Steps for Peace walk studying up and talking about these things, or too busy looking for bottled water and "healthy snacks"?

"We must speak strongly to those who do not yet understand what it means to live as a conscious human being" -- Choyi S'lo, Santa Barbara indigenous Chumash Tribe medicine leader 1990.

Such letter from the 1995 Mayor of Columbus, Ohio, says, "As you walk in peace, our sincere hope is that your efforts will inspire the leaders of today and tomorrow to strive for peace throughout our land." Then Ohio Governor Voinovich issued his official proclamation recognizing the Global Peace Walk efforts commemorating the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, as did in letters the Mayor of St. Louis, and the Islamic Center of Missouri with their Faith's "message of Oneness and worship of Allah (God) and the cardinal principles of Peace, Justice, Unity, and Equality of humanity." Not yet heard, so...

American Peace March, 22Dec03 40th Anniversary "Global Minute for Peace Events," Four Routes Schedule includes Atlanta GA 1mi walk from The Carter Center to The ML King Center, a Ceremony in Jerusalem Israel to Unite it Three Faiths, East St. Louis MO at the Arch "Gateway to The West", and in Portsmouth NH, see url.

This American Peace March "Walk in Spirit" Peace Relay Walk scheduling offering for local activists to implement coordinated global peace now plan, includes Christmas in Baghdad Iraq on East Route, in Portland Maine on North Route, and in St. Louis Missouri on West Route, if taken seriously and emails read.

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