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Subject: Tech Forum & Capital Hills Research Center

Date: Thursday, September 09, 1999 4:30 PM

After the front page story in the last issue of the Tehachapi News came out, I was invited to make a presentation at the September 16th Tech Forum, as a new member of its sponsoring Kern Technology Transfer Group, regarding the proposal for construction of a major research center in Tehachapi to develop new-energy technologies, based on forefront new physics discoveries, some of which may be transferable from present applications in military projects, perhaps already involving government contractors in Kern County, if Federal secrecy policies can be relaxed.

An overview of these new-energy technologies is discussed in Jeane Manning's book "The Coming Energy Revolution" which was listed as the "favorite book" of actor/artist Charles Napier, a supporter of the Tehachapi 90th anniversary events, in his Bakersfield Californian interview published on September 6, page E1. Copies of this book will be available at the Tech Forum with the Capital Hills Research Center proposal including research/networking references for community participation in this project which is being initiated to implement the vision of former NASA scientist/astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary, who wrote the forward to this book, suggesting $108 million per year funding to support a global scale public "crash program" to rapidly develop these new-energy technologies for the amelioration of critical environmental problems associated with many present day energy technologies.

Manning claims that many new-energy technology discoveries each year are ordered secret by the US Government under a "dual use" secrecy order of 1952 whose text is reproduced on p.163 of her book with statistics on such secrecy orders which were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Federation of American Scientists.

Among the Tehachapi area residents joining the team of CHRC consultants is electrical and electronics engineer Ed Delvers, research assistant to the late Bruce DePalma whose experiments on rotational anomalies in the 1970's led to his discovery of the "n-Machine" homopolar generator discussed in Manning's book and mentioned on p.57 of the DOE's 1998 Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (new US National energy policy plan) as one device potentially able to harness the virtually infinite Zero Point Energy (ZPE) field now known by physicists to inhabit the space in which matter resides due to its quantum vacuum fluctuations. DePalma's device has been replicated in India and Japan but is still apparently suppressed in the US, although this homopolar technology was listed as one of the "critical technologies" for the government's SDI "Star Wars" program in its research funding request to Congress by its chief scientist Dr. Yonas in 1985.

Other nations do not seem to be so hampered by such secrecy restrictions as evidenced by the July exhibition in Mexico of the Minato Motor brought from Japan which reportedly achieved the equivalent of a 430% "efficiency" (i.e., 4.3 times "over-unity") output of energy apparently extracted from this ZPE field rather than converted from one form of energy to another like all electricity generators now in common use. One of our research collaborators, Dr. Eugene Mallove, former MIT science writer and now editor of Infinite Energy Magazine, reported that this generator/motor was demonstrated for Grupo Bufete Industrial, one of the largest power generation construction companies in Mexico and South America, and participation in the July demonstration included representatives of Enron, Bechtel, Tejas division of Shell Oil, Fluor Daniels, Kellogg, and another of our network of researchers Dr. Hal Fox of Utah's Insitute for New Energy and publisher of New Energy News who has himself developed a process to neutralize radioactive wastes based on the Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation discoveries he reported to the last two annual conferences of the American Nuclear Society as consequences of successful research over the last ten years correcting the confusion over cold fusion.

We have already successfully introduced several of these new-energy technology ideas to the DOE for further study subsequent to our CNES public comments testimony last year in Sacramento and among our large internet list of collaborators are leading scientists being consulted by the DOE and NASA on these discoveries which also have applications for new propellantless propulsion systems, for land, sea, air, and space travel, resultant from new understandings of the relationships between electricity, magnetism, inertia, gravity, rotation, mass/energy, and ZPE.

Recently some of our colleagues in the San Francisco area have received initial funding to establish an analogous research center planned for the Presidio there to pursue applications of forefront theoretical physics interpretations of these new discoveries for technologies to "Make Star Trek Real" with the support of silicon valley legend Joe Firmage's International Space Sciences Organization and under the guidance of a prominent theoretical physicist who has also developed after decades of work a rigorous post-quantum physics of consciousness theory, Dr. Jack Sarfatti of the Internet Science Education Project.

The owners of the Capital Hills Development in Tehachapi, John Guthrie and Jim Crawford, have offered to donate land for the Capital Hills Research Center as a possible centerpiece for their planned "Technopolis" which features the latest in state-of-the-art high-tech electronic communications technologies integrated into this professionally designed residential, business, and commercial development. Jim Crawford is expected to attend the Tech Forum where we will have an information table. Also expected there is Victor Williams, whose expertise in the data communications world is well known and who is one of the founding technologists who helped inspire the vision of this "Technopolis" in Tehachapi.

David Crockett Williams, Jr. 9.9.99
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