Tip for Dealing with Pop-Up Ad

My apologies for using this free website which has added the pop-up advertisement to its service after I started using Angelfire.com because it not have ads.

I think the best way to deal with the pop-up ad is to once click your mouse in the main text of any webpage on which it appears and the ad will disappear for the balance of your session, even when you click back and forth among the various pages at my GEAR2000 website and links to other servers, etc.

Otherwise, if you click on the "X" on the ad in its top right corner to close it, then it will reappear each time you link to any other pages on this site.

Now that you have read this tip, just use "Back" on your browser to resume viewing my webpages without the bother of the pop-up ad.

Of course, if you are in a position, and so inclined, to offer financial help so that I can get a "real" website, and/or more experienced webmastering services, please contact me via the page about my General Agency Services

Thanks very much for visiting and please accept my apologies for the pop-up inconvenience.

David Crockett Williams, Jr., C.L.U.