Peace Walk, Walking in search of peace


Terra Haute

Saturday, February 25, 1995

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Peace Walk

David Williams, Sandra Basque, Yusen Yamato, Fermin Ferrer, and Daniel Torres take a break outside after their evening meal Friday at the Light House Mission. The five are among a dozen people walking from New York to California in support of global peace. They arrived in Terre Haute early Friday evening and will leave early this morning. The group plans to reach California in June, in time for a march on a United Nations' event at San Francisco. -- Tribune/Star-Bob Poynter

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Walking in search of peace

David Williams and Yusen Yamato, a Buddhist monk, are among a small group of people who hope to complete a 2,930 mile "global peace walk" across the United States by June.

The group of about a dozen people arrived at Terre Haute on Friday, after starting Jan. 15 from New York City. The group chose that day to being its walk because it commemorates Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and his vision of a world community.

The group's goal is to reach California.

The small group plans to attend a four-day ceremony in San Jose starting on June 14 and be among 100,000 people who plan to walk to San Francisco to a United Nations event " bring back peace and to protect our life," Yamato said.

The United Nations will celebrate its 50th anniversary at San Francisco staring June 20.

Yamato said his ultimate goal is to strive for "no more wars for future generations. Someday all human beings must recognize that the globe is important. We need global peace now."

The small group walks 30 miles to 70 miles a day, followed by a bus used for provisions. The group is following U.S. 40 and the next major city members will reach is St. Louis.

Williams said the walk is being done to educate people about the need to develop a global mind that goes beyond race, religion, or nationality and leads to global peace.

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