My Summer 2014 Unsuccessful Campaign Details

As of September 22, 2014

After a year of no activism work to keep peace with my wife, just trying to enjoy my retirement from in the Summer of 2013, starting June 30, 2014, I launched a desperate but ultimately unsuccessful schedule trying once again to "prove myself to my family" by bringing out to the public and to California Governor Jerry Brown the suppressed science information regarding technologies to replace nuclear power and fossil fuel power, to neutralize radioactive wastes, and to resolve the California drought locally and statewide with primary water access and other water technologies. This failure has caused me to separate from my wife Carolynne and move out from her house on the Mesa in Santa Barbara into my 27' RV and now looking for new location with electricity to park and work from it to continue my work for "the direct cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth" as explained in my background write-up at

This 1979 Santa Barbara newspaper article with photo of us still pretty well sums up what I am all about.

Below is what my schedule was, including links that report on what happened during the first two months before I had to abandon this schedule due to lack of financial and family support. This is just the latest in a long string going back over 30 years of such grand plans to save the world promoting the insights of my Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory equations about the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light as an overlooked property of the C in E=M^C2. Since it has been so long with no acceptance my family all think I am just crazy.


Saturday July 12, 2014, Kickoff Support Rally at the Global Emergency Alert Response Rainbow Uprising Campaign booth at
The 1st Annual Santa Barbara Summerfest , on The Mesa at La Mesa Park. (Event Facebook page)
A great event, introduced the Rainbow Peace Braids including to the global 2020 Year Without War project initiated by Santa Barbara City College (see 90sec video)
(photos: opening stage, two granddaughters braiding - 2020YWWW Booth crew braiding) - My Summerfest Requested Announcement of 2014 Rainbow Uprising USA Tour Schedule of 7-11-14, with links.

July 18-20, 2014, Children of Many Colors Powwow, at Moorpark College, California
(Photos: Friday, Parked/Camped, Preparing rainbow braid yarn sets while waiting for Flute Ceremony, Flute Ceremony starts, Saturday greeting Gourd Dancers)
(The Rainbow Peace Braid that I made here was hand delivered for Governor Jerry Brown at the California Capitol on July30th)

July 20th, "Yes on Measure P" Benefit Concert to stop Fracking in Santa Barbara County by passing Measure P on November ballot, Opening Prayer Ceremony by hereditary Chumash leader Marcus Lopez following the spiritual precedent of how the Chumash stopped the LNG terminal at Point Conception in the late 1970's. Let's help this group stop fracking, steam and acid injection techniques statewide and nationally by a landslide victory in November! Adding this to issues taking to Sacramento and NYC. ---

July 31st - August 3rd, Occupy National Gathering 2014, Sacramento California
(Photos: Aug.1 Painted Rainbow Uprising Lattice Poles at "Camp David"; Tied into Tetrahedral Meditation Tent shape;
set up Aug.2 at Southside Park Occupy National Gathering event 12-3pm, left rainbow tetrahedron with Sea for Peace Pole Ceremony)
(Starting Aug.3 please email Gov. Jerry Brown asking him to accept Peace Pole Ceremony)

July 31st 8am "Peace March to Kill the Devil" Cesar Chavez Park to State Capitol to deliver new science message about Space Power technologies to shut down Diablo Canyon, neutralize radioactive wastes, and solve the California drought.

(Report: Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Ceremony to Acknowledge The Message of Peace. Photos: Peace Pole at Cesar Chavez Plaza before 8am walk to Capitol,
Cesar holding/offering Rainbow Peace Braid yarns)

July 31st 9am State Capitol to Lobby Governor Jerry Brown to Shut Down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and Implement Measure P Statewide to Ban Fracking in California.
Ask for the Governor's message to carry to the NY Climate Convergence.
Install the first Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole, in the lawn of the State Capitol and start 24/7 Peace Vigil there
(Starting Aug.3 please email Gov. Jerry Brown asking him to accept Peace Pole Ceremony)

(Report: Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Ceremony to Acknowledge The Message of Peace.
9am Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Vigil at State Capitol north steps, 10:30am Capitol Police Arrest Peace Pole before the Noon requested Peace Pole Ceremony with Governor Brown)
(Starting Aug.3 please email Gov. Jerry Brown asking him to accept Peace Pole Ceremony)

August 1st 8am Rev. Sawada, a Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Monk from Fukushima, departs from Santa Barbara City Hall in De La Guerra Plaza
Peace March to Kill the Devil to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant gate, drumming and chanting the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo universal medicine word mantra as practiced by Mahatma Gandhi taken up from Nichidatsu Fujii, praying to manifest a Peace Pagoda in Santa Barbara like those in Grafton NY, Leverett MA, and Milton Keynes near London.

August 3rd Sunday, Noon, no host Peace Picnic at Santa Barbara Shoreline Park, to rally support for local September 21st International Peace Day Activities
[cancelled by organizer on account of light rain in the morning, go figure]

August 6th, Hiroshima Day Peace March to Kill the Devil, Rev. Sawada arrives at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant gate supported by local Chumash representatives. Please join him at Avila Beach at NOON to walk the last couple hundred yards to Diable Canyon Gate - bring hand drums if you have them

August 8-10, 2014 2nd Annual Arise Music Festival in Loveland Colorado, to Rally Rainbow Uprising USA Tour Support for the Jerusalem Peace Pole Project
2013 Photo of me with Felipe Chavez and Reverend Yamato presenting Rainbow Spiritual Unity Flag to Nahko and Medicine for the People
Short video of Arise Festival 2013 with a glimpse of us on Elders Camp Shuttle at 4:24
Our Global Peace Walk booth photo with flags outside my RV at "Elders Camp" next to Food Not Bombs booth
This year's Arise Festival will feature a procession through the camps ending with offering the installation of a
Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole there at Sunrise Ranch which hosts the annual Arise Music Festival.
(REPORT as of Aug.12 morning, with photos)
Arise Festival Host Sunrise Ranch Director Refuses Peace Pole & Message of Peace, Will he Accept 2nd Offering by Aug.20 or get a Boycott Campaign?.

------ My presence at events past this point doubtful due to financial and family considerations, but will still work on implementing this schedule nationally and locally -------

August 15 and 27th, 2014, Missed next Target Dates for Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Ceremony with California Governor Jerry Brown, next targeting/requesting Noon on Sunday, September 21, 2014, United Nations annual International Day of Peace. and Comment on his Facebook page for "Jerry Brown"

August 20th, Drums Around the World remembering the August 20, 1994
, birth of the first White Buffalo Calf in fulfillment of the Lakota Prophecy of Hope
"An Everywhere/Anywhere Event For You to Do in Your Area!"
Bring your drums to your city hall steps at Noon and do your best until the cops make you stop.
Get a proclamation of support from your local mayor and invite your local news media!

(Organizer appears to have moved this event to another location, see their Facebook page for details as available, I will not be attending after all, regretfully)
August 20-28, 2014, Global Rainbow Uprising Spiritual Unity Gathering with Drums Around the World, a 20th Anniversary Reunion,
Camping at Big Lake Arizona Aug.18-30, camping reservations at one of 4 Big Lake campgrounds, remembering 1994 ceremony and the
August 20, 1994, birth of the White Buffalo Calf Miracle in fulfillment of the Lakota Prophecy of Hope from 19 generations ago for these times
Please organize local events in support everywhere/anywhere possible!
Hopi Invitation to the World's Spiritual Leaders to Meet -- "Official" Hopi Prophecy

August 21, 2014, Monthly Santa Barbara Meeting of World Business Academy
Strategy to Close Down Diablo Canyon based on Ocean Water Temperature Increase Restrictions.
Encouraging folks to write to State Water Board Commissioners, three of them, per these links to three form letters that you can print and sign and mail as soon as possible please:

Copy of handout printed for Aug.21 monthly World Business Academy meeting:

Letters to state water board members:

5-6 are 2pp overview of all the factors to stop Diablo

Presented Aug.21 Rainbow Uprising Flyer:

August 27th, White Buffalo Day, an everywhere/anywhere event, another "coincidence" with the August 27, 1994, happening at the Unity Gathering

September 13-14, 2014, Black Hills Unity Concert
added Aug.22,2014, to revise Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness USA National Tour Schedule
after July31st California State Capitol with Occupy National Gathering and then to the
Aug.8-10 ARISE Music Festival , -- with hope for the success of this endeavor

September 13-27, Rainbow Uprising Peace Vigil at John Lennon “Imagine” Memorial in NYC Central Park

September 20 Saturday Noon, Rainbow Uprising Peace March to Kill the Devil from Imagine Memorial to United Nations HQ

September 21st United Nations Annual Peace Day, join the International NYC Climate Convergence, perhaps New York City's largest Peace March ever -
Against fossil fuels, nuclear power, wastes and weapons, fracking, hacking the Earth with chemtrails and geoengineering -
To promote how Space Power technologies can replace nuclear & fossil fuel power & neutralize radioactive wastes, and how "Hemp Can Save The World".

September 22-26, Rainbow Uprising Peace March to UN HQ "To Stop the Fracking Hacking of Mother Earth"
departs daily at Noon from Peace Vigil at John Lennon Imagine Memorial in Central Park

September 27th, GLOBAL MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering, join local NYC route tba.
"Peace March to Stop the Fracking Hacking of Mother Earth!"
"An Everywhere/Anywhere Event For You to Do in Your Area!"
Start at your City Hall Steps at Noon and Walk Around the Block, asking your mayor for a proclamation of support and invite your local news media

October 2, 2014, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, Drumming for "Global Peace Now!" at the Grafton Peace Pagoda, and

October 4th, 30th Anniversary Ceremony at the New England Peace Pagoda in Leverett Massachusetts
Praying Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo to build similar Peace Pagoda Stupas in Santa Barbara California, and Taos New Mexico.

Rainbow Uprising Peace Walk, Run and Caravan, Boston to Washington DC, peace camp at Greenbelt Park MD, dates to be announced

October 24th, Offering White House Peace Pole Ceremony, 69th anniversary of ratification of United Nations Charter to “remove the scourge of war from the future generations”

December 25, 2014 Christmas Rainbow Uprising Peace Walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, to visit Haj Ibrahim the Islamic Gandhi of Jerusalem Peacemakers and offer the Jerusalem Peace Pole Ceremony to install a Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole at his Peace House in East Jerusalem

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