Peace March to Diablo Canyon
For Free Energy Technologies

1983-84 Peace March to Diablo Canyon for Free Energy Technologies

For photo caption and details see The Peace March to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, For Paradise on Earth - Respect True One Law, Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, The Tetronic Age Begins, Telegram Tribune, San Luis Obispo, California, Monday, January 2, 1984, at:

----------retyped letter to the editor, text:

To: San Luis Obispo County (Calif.) Telegram Tribune

December 18, 1983

Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing the article in the Telegram-Tribune December 13, 1983, on the Peace March. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify information for your readers.

Everyone for a Nuclear Free Future (E.Nu.F.F.) started as a group of Santa Barbara people concerned with the survival of our planet and the sanctification of our earth, air and water.

Our main peace offering through The Peace March is the idea, new to most people, of putting to voice the word Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo to the resound of the celestial drums called Tenku. This practice is to bring the mind of humankind to a reawakened awareness of the one law by which both God and nature operate in the world. Our teaching is that human thinking itself will be changed by this reawakening and the direct result will be the cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth. This offering is passed on by our peace march from the teachings of Nichidatsu Fujii, the 99 year old teacher of today's worldwide peace movement, form whom Mahatma Gandhi took up the practice of beating the celestial drum and voicing Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.

The purpose of The Peace March campaign is to inform the general American public of this and also of a new scientific understanding of this one law which has led to new discoveries in electrical energy production -- the technical alternative to nuclear power.

The most promising energy source that is proven practical is the proper harnessing of magnetism. Principally, this is demonstrated by electric generators that do not slow down when electricity is taken out. In technical terms, these generators behave with no "back E.M.F." Although this is an apparent violation of the law of conservation of energy, held in thermodynamics, it wouldn't be if magnetism is actually a source of energy. One such method is the direct extraction of electricity from sliding contacts on a rotating magnetic cylinder. This is called an "N-Machine" and was invented by Bruce DePalma. Another method is the mechanical distribution of magnetic fields to stationary power coils. This is called a variable reluctance generator. One such device was granted U.S. Patent #3,374,376 to a European, Raymond Kromrey. In May of 1982, a German group demonstrated an electric motorcycle that traveled 4000 kilometers and still had a full charge on its small battery pack. The electricity was made to charge the batteries by a fuel-less Kromrey generator.

The technology is now here to generate electricity safely, and with a primary disposition cost of zero. Slowing down an atomic bomb to boil water to spin a steam turbine to make electricity is now unnecessary. We just want everyone to know. The complete understanding of the fundamental new discoveries behind these new generators will lead to an age of science, thought, and technology in perfect harmony with nature -- The Tetronic Age...the age of the one law.

We call on concerned individuals and environmental, religious, political, educational, service, social, and labor organizations to join us at The Peace March and demonstrate our solidarity for the survival of our planet.

Upon our arrival in San Luis Obispo, The Peace March will establish information centers around town and seek a public interview with P. G. & E. officials to offer the way to get more electricity out of their San Luis power plant for less cost than if they "fire up" Diablo Canyon.

We especially hope Diablo protesters will join us in the solution that will stop nuclear power. We will arrive at Diablo Canyon gate for a New Year's Eve vigil before walking to SLO on New Year's Day 1984.

[signed] December 19, 1983

David Crockett Williams, Jr., main organizer, The Peace March
Evette Justus, E.Nu.F.F. Coordinator
Peter A. Lindemann, Technical Advisor

-----------end of retyped, unpublished, letter to the editor

E.Nu.F.F. = Everyone for a Nuclear Free Future

The Peace March was conducted by Justus and Williams et al from Christmas to New Years ending with a one month prayer vigil across from Diablo Canyon Gate with 24 hr/day drumming and chanting in shifts the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo for over a week after arrival. There was a meeting with Pacific Gas and Electric Company at their offices where the new energy technologies information was presented and well received, saying they would pass it on to the California power authority body that evaluates such information for all California electric utilities. Justus and Williams also conducted a week of fasting at that vigil across from the gate of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and conducted the Red Cloth Dying Ceremony with a few people. More information on the red cloth dying ceremony is at

Please see more about Peter Lindemann and his work in this field of the free energy technologies, descriptions and reasons for suppression, etc, at:

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