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2Dec03 Newman Energy Machine Report

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Date: Wed Dec 3, 2003 12:47 pm
Subject: 2Dec03 Newman Energy Machine Report -
- 400 watts power input, 4,000 watts power output
=> COP=10.0, ie, "1,000 % Efficiency" --more info

This means a power plant that produces ten times more power than what it takes to operate the power plant driven by the Newman Energy Machine still fighting for a US Patent when its new-energy space age science and technology applications should be implemented as soon as possible to further positive outcomes expected imminently from this new energy tech genre.

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David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309 One human being living in Tehachapi, California Global Emergency Alert Response 2000

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From: David Crockett Williams
To: New Energy Solutions Group for California to Take Lead;
Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy Group;
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US DOE Strategic Plan 2000 Public Comments Archive
Subject: - 2Dec03 - Newman Energy Machine Report -
- 400 watts power input, 4,000 watts power output
=> COP=10.0, ie, *** "1,000 % Efficiency" ***
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 12:47 PM

2Dec03 Newman Energy Machine Report
- 400 watts power input, 4,000 watts power output
=> COP=10.0, ie, "1,000 % Efficiency"

From: JNPCo.
************OF JOSEPH NEWMAN:
*********** LINK TO NEW VIDEO !!!
Date: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 8:49 PM

* * * * * * * * *
See a new video of the


that will turn salt water to fresh water -
power homes, factories, ships, trains, planes, vehicles, and cities -
provide all the world's power supplies and eliminate pollution -
and re-charge its own power system at the same time!

The process of going public and into mass world production is now underway.

At the top of the website URL provided below, click on the link to a recent video of the latest demonstration of this revolutionary

The video shows the newest 7,000-lb Newman Energy Machine
with a 450-lb flywheel and a 1,250-lb rotor physically connected
to the shaft of a conventional generator that subsequently powers
lights, televisions, clocks, etc.

Total watts IN: 400 watts.

Total watts OUT: 4,000 watts.

This technology can now be immediately implemented to power
the world's energy needs and replace ALL conventional energy

* * * * * * * * *

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DCW introduction of Joseph Newman's work from proposal to CA Governor:

Proposal for First California New Energy Executive Briefing
(CNEEB-1), October1, 2003, California Energy Commission
With Internet and Radio Simulcast available to Public Globally
Subject: CT20030912_0000000757 -
- New Energy Technical Demonstration,
California Energy Commission, Wed. or Thurs. October 1 or 2, 2003
Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 4:20 PM

RE: Request for Governor Davis's Participation to Convene
First California New Energy Executive Briefing (CNEEB-1)
California Energy Commission Facilities, Sacramento, California
Wednesday, October 1, 2003, 12-1:30PM PT

An executive briefing for the Governor and CA Energy Commission:

September 24, 2003: 4:20pm PDT

Announcement and Request on Behalf of All Life On Earth

Governor Davis is requested to put the full force and power of his executive office and State of California resources behind the convening of an "executive briefing" by primary scientific researchers in this new energy technology field relating to esoteric new scientific discoveries overlooked, inadequately understood, and/or suppressed by federal "dual use" rules, regarding new energy technology inventions and proven experimental results, and still undeveloped or underdeveloped superior little known superior energy technologies relating to existing alternatives such as biofuels and recent advances in photovoltaic solar technologies, a briefing published to the public via the internet and teleconference with participation on site, and via audio teleconference links, with the following invited participants in suggested order of presentation:

[1] Joseph Newman, Florida. Inventor of the Newman Energy Machine, an
energized rotating electromagnetic matter energy generator according to
his comprehensive collaborative "Massergy" theory which predicted its
viability and explains its operation
Mr. Newman has the longest "time in grade" of these new energy tech
presenters, having since the early 1980's and before developed a unique
and rigorous theory of the structure and physical dynamics of matter, as
a self-educated brilliant professional inventor "from the backwoods of
Mississippi," after an independent in-depth study of the available
literature about the influences of rotation on the intertial and and
electromagnetic properties of physical objects (suggested by a problem
he had with a children's toy invention, involving a heavy flywheel on a
tricycle, which stimulated his interest in a deeper understanding of the
physical mechanics of gyroscopic action). His "Newman Energy Machine"
was predicted consequent to his "Massergy" theory of matter as an
expansion and application of Einstein's famous "proportionality equation"
relating the equivalence of Energy and mass as E=mC^2. Following
established empirical scientific procedures of testing an hypothesis by
experiment, he has built successive models of his energy machine and
determined by repeated and extensively reviewed measurements that
it does indeed produce electrical output far in excess of its "excitement
current" needed to energize the rotating electromagnetic system. Since
his theory has not yet been reconciled with the theories in "mainstream
science" his work has been subject of decades of skepticism by those
unwilling to give it a "fair shake" in empirical testing. Over this period
the federal government has clearly been aware of his work and has
to this day consistently refused to approve his longstanding US patent.
In the 1980's Mr. Newman received quite a bit of publicity for his energy
machine in various media outlets, including being on the Johnny Carson
Tonight Show with the longest presentation and most viewer response
of any of the episodes of that popular late night program in its history.
Mr. Newman has graciously agreed to participate in this executive
briefing via speakerphone to the audience with his overview of his
energy technology and his vision of the benefit to humanity of this, his
life's work as a devoted and dedicated Christian with a firm and
determined religious belief in the absolute nature of truth itself.

See full report/proposal at
Date: Fri Sep 26, 2003 4:37 pm
Subject: Proposal for First California New Energy Executive Briefing (CNEEB-1),
October1, 2003, California Energy Commission with Internet and Radio Simulcast

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