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Above is my photo taken at my great (nominally Jewish) friend Jack Herer's funeral in
April 2010, first time I ever wore the special cap, wearing my 3 piece hemp suit.

We need a broader view to see peace prevail on Earth!

It boils down to whether one believes in the absolute nature of truth or if one believes that truth is a relative thing. This is the challenge of all scientific and religious belief. In science it is the duel between Einstein's belief that "God does not play dice with the universe" and that there is an overall "natural law" by which everything operates 100% of the time without fail. His contemporary, Heisenberg, claimed that not to be true and based on his "uncertainty principle" quantum physics was born on the belief that it is not possible to know the truth of anything with 100% certainty, only higher and higher probabilities that something is true. Thus the power of the human mind has been misapplied by quantum physics unknowingly where many things they think they are "discovering" are actually being created by the mind applied to create what are actually "paranormal" phenomena while thinking they are just "observing" , like a new particle. Einstein's vision was that this cosmic law can be described by a simple set of equations that he called "unified field theory" equations. His belief in this "true one law" obviously was influenced by his Jewish heritage as equivalent in principle to the Torah, the law about which the book by that name is written and not just what that book says, "the law by which even God must operate in the world and cannot contradict".

This is the same principle depicted in Buddhism by the "Myo-Ho" in the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo mantra that embodies the entirety of the teachings of Buddhism, as explained in their Lotus Sutra about this "true one law" by which everything operates all the time without fail, the principle of Dharma/Karma.

This same principle is depicted by Islam as "The Will of God" by which all things always happen 100% of the time without fail.

Each of these contradicts the notion held by many people of all beliefs that there are such things as "accidents".

In order to resolve this seeming conflict between religions and within science, which really is a religion itself based on belief in different theories, we need to simply understand they are saying the same thing in different languages and with different cultural influences.

So, to be a True Jew one need not know or be Hebrew, just commit one's life to following/respecting True One Law. And to be a True Moslem similarly just know that all that happens only happens in accord with The Will of God which is equivalent to The True One Law depicted by the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo.

One might say that Jesus Christ simply interpreted this one law as the law of love, to love one another as one self. http://angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/JesusChrist.html

This is my message as the author of the yet to be accepted Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory equations (1974-77) as explained at http://angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/tetron2.html , where my story about how this understanding came about in connection with Hopi Prophecy fulfillment and my reception of the sound of Torahkum (Hebrew for The Law Stands Up) in 1976 is explained at http://angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/history.html

This is the unifying message to be embraced by of all of the Kin of True Israel which would be the whole planet respecting and living in peace in accord with True One Law, by simply pronouncing the sound of Torahkoom.

I am CalifDavid: Kin of True Israel
Daoud ibn Daoud Abdul Allah (since 1963, Los Angeles Mosque)
aka David Crockett Williams (III) (since 1945, born and raised Christian)
aka Karma Tsering Thrchen (since 1977 per HH Karmapa)

In the love and the light of the truth,

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