Remembering President Kennedy
40th Demise Anniversary Open Letter

40th JFK Demise Anniversary Open Letter: Ted Kennedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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New Energy Cover-up Exposed

Why targeting University of Maryland at College Park

22Nov03 Summary Status Report Pending American Scientific Revolution
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Reference to 21Nov03 letter -- Expanded Summary Report
Re: Bush Energy Bill and New Energy Science-Tech Alternatives
To Redirect Resources from War to Peace, Environmental Remediation
-- Appeal US Senator Ted Kennedy, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Bakersfield US Congressman William Thomas "What Happened, Bill?"
November 22, 2003, Request Emergency Energy Bill Reconsideration
American Scientific Revolution to Redirect Resources from War to Peace
22Nov03 Appeal to Sen. Ted Kennedy, Gov. Schwarzenegger, Rep. Thomas
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Date: Friday, November 21, 2003 1:39 PM
From: David Crockett Williams -
To: Senator Edward M. Kennedy -
Cc: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -;
Dr. Brian O'Leary - President - New Energy Movement -;
Alden Bryant - United Nations Climate Stabilization Movement Initiator -
Subject: Please support available new "space energy" technologies
to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, see Dr. Brian O'Leary PhD
Date: Friday, November 21, 2003 1:39 PM

Senator Edward M. Kennedy
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-4543
FAX: 202-224-2417 [faxed ) [2:10 -2:17pmPST]

2400 JFK Building
Boston, MA 02203

November 21, 2003

(Scheduling request for Sen. Kennedy and Gov. Schwarzenegger)

RE: Please support available new "space energy" technologies
to replace nuclear and fossil fuel pwer, see Dr. Brian O'Leary PhD

Dear Senator Kennedy:
I had promised to write you this week asking if you would offer an
American Flag for the American Peace March 2003-2004 to carry
in its South Route of the Peace Relay Walk from Washington DC
departing tomorrow on the November 22, 2003, 40th aniversary of
the death of President Kennedy, a peace walk planned to go to the
tip of Florida ending there on the January 15, 2003, birthday
anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., carrying such flag
as a symbol of the spirit of America as the spirit of truth, responsibility,
accountability, peace, love, and harmony among all humankind, but the
local activists in DC are too busy complaining about my long emails to
take this idea seriously so it is now fully an idea "in the spirit" that
I hope you and my new Governor will accept into your prayers.

Meanwhile, the urgent matter at hand for our nation and my State of
California which the accompanying information can help you deal with
for our country and my State, is the pending availability of the so-called
new "space energy" genre of technologies to replace nuclear and fossil
fuel power, some few of which are referenced in the accompanying fax
with this letter and are archived at the list set up over two years ago to
offer California to take lead in their development, only getting a response
from the recalcitrant or incompetent energy advisory staff of Governor
Gray Davis a couple weeks ago after recent months of intense lobbying. -- More info on this
matter and details on these new energy technologies submitted to Gov.
Davis and his energy advisory staff first in August of 2001, and in 1998
to US DOE under the Clinton Administration and in 2000 to DOE under
the Bush administration are also publicly archived with links for details at --input to Clinton Admin. --input to Bush Admin.

One of the leading proponents of these new energy technologies,
Dr. Brian O'Leary PhD lives near Sacramento and is available there
for Governor Schwarzenegger and his staff to pursue this and how
California's economy and budget problems may be benefitted by
his announcement that he will put the full vigor of himself and his
office behind an "Apollo Project Style" crash program to implement
these new energy technologies as quickly as possible on a global
environmental emergency basis so California can take lead in this
new industry, our idea which Governor Davis totally ignored too long
and which you, Senator Kennedy, would greatly help our nation to
take the pressure off about wars over oil supplies if you can get this
information asap into the discussion about the pending Energy Bill
now in Congress which might provide the nominal $100 million per
year that Dr. O'Leary feels will do the job for this purpose, ie, bring
these new energy technologies to manufacturing stage as soon as possible.

Therefore I urge each of you to contact Dr. O'Leary at your earliest
opportunity to arrange for his personal briefing of you and your
related staff on this matter. He may be reached at address cc above
and by phone in Washington, California, at home 530-478-1962.
You will see more information about him, his books and lectures
and background at his website

Please see accompanying fax of California Energy Commission
Chairman's letter to me on this matter referencing Dr. O'Leary dated
November 6, 2003, which text is in my 16Nov post with commentary at

Thank you very much for your kindest consideration,

David Crockett Williams, private citizen
20411 Steeple Court, Tehachapi, CA 93561
661-822-3309 --
Global Emergency Alert Response 2000

Fax Cc: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger (Scheduling Office) [2:18-:23pmPST]
California Senator Dianne Feinstein [faxed SF office, 2:31 - 2:37pmPST]
California Senator Barbara Boxer [faxed Fresno Office 9:31-:37pmPST 22Nov03]
My Congressman William M. Thomas via webform [22Nov03 7:44amPST]

Please see my recent posts to above list, info in CEC
21Nov03 - The Coming Energy Revolution Nov23 Peace Sunday,
Global Peace Plan - David Crockett Williams
(These pages also faxed, posted at/as The Science Solution )