Platform Outline



1) Goal of society: Free food, clothing, shelter, education, travel, and work available to all through self destructing monetary system.

2) Elimination of crime through spiritual unity education and complete reform of U.S. drug laws employing therapy through spiritual community.

3) Solution of all inflation problems through restructuring of U.S. monetary system with the creation of the state of California Paradise.

4) Elimination of all illegal alien problems through the creation of the state of California Paradise uniting Alta and Baja California opening migratory opportunity areas for settlement open to all including world prison parolees.

5) Solution of world energy problems through U.N. sponsorship of research into alternative energy sources employing unified field theory which were heretofore inconceivable.

6) True and total WORLD PEACE available through U.N. sponsorship of International Peace Pilgrimage Walks, HOPI STAR PROJECT Peace Center Construction program, Spiritual Community Gatherings, United Faith Week, and World Council of spiritual and religious leaders.

7) Conversion of military efforts to fight the ONE common enemy of all humanity, FEAR, through "Warriors of the Rainbow Sun Bridge" programs and unilateral diversion of military budget dollars to unified field theory time/space transmutation research and development.

8) Transportation: Development of Magnetic Levitation Craft pursuant to unified field theory.

9) Nuclear Power: Change reactors and warheads over to alternative energy sources employing radioactivity decay rate accelerator pursuant to unified field theory.

10) Solution of world hunger problems through recreational gardening incentives, spiritual community assistance, and spiritual unity education.

12) Increase effectiveness of human education through U.S. and U.N. full support and utilization of MCA-Phillips laser videodisc equipment with biofeedback subroutines.

13) Health improvement for all through mind health control education programs.

14) Senior citizens relief through life and health extension programs and time/space identity transmutation opportunities available pursuant to unified field theory.

Drafted UNITED NATIONS DAY, October 24, 1977 by Our David

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David Crockett Williams for USA President 2008, with Dennis John Kucinich as VP candidate as Independent Candidacy, ballot access signature campaign Spring 2008, if elected to pardon Leonard Peltier and resign to make Dennis Kucinich US President.

Note, the MCA-Phillips laser disc system became the basis of what is now known as CD's and DVD's etc.

Two important background subjects for the above are the Silva Method "mind control" brain training classes teaching how to control brain rhythms, and the International Grapho-Analysis Society's empirical system of evaluating personality and character traits about a person's mental and emotional "relative identity" parameters from variations in strokes in handwriting, the observer's "holograph" ie handwritten document.

A graduate of the Silva method program created another system for teaching brain rhythm control to enable health and goal accomplishment, etc, called Mind Dynamics Institute, taught in the early 1970's in California one of whose graduates was a Medical Doctor who applied what he learned to teach his terminal cancer patients how to activate their immune systems by this process and he reported after a year on many spontaneous remissions due to folks learning this technique and applying it, ie, Dr. O. Carl Simonton MD founder of psycho-immunology.