About the Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel

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About the Kingdom of JERUSALEM ISRAEL

by David Crockett Williams jr (Matter), C.L.U.;

Executive Producer, Paradise Psibernetics Productions

December 25, 1978

The holy city of Jerusalem in the land previously called Palestine is to become the capitol of a newly recognizable "Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel" dedicated to the manifestation of true peace, harmony among all life, and free natural abundance as paradise on earth. Empowered by the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, through simple peaceful recognition of The One Truth, my claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel is to propagate the correct scientific understanding of religion which is necessary for mutual respect and peaceful harmonization of all nations and faiths in a true paradise on earth. Through understanding and practice, all faiths and religions are understood correctly as culturally cloaked and mutually compatible perspectives of The One Truth.

When and if this claim to The Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel is fully recognized by human consciousness, the borders to the currently existing violent nation of Israel will be dissolved and the land will become open and free to all, as the entire earth becomes the promised land of paradise on earth.

As the King of Jerusalem Israel, my duties are to be entirely limited to the anointment of world leaders rededicating their being to the achievement of paradise on earth in our lifetime and to preparing humanity for the bodily "return" of Jesus Christ to present time existence on earth "from" time transmutation.

Before the throne to the Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel may be accepted in the holy city of Jerusalem, the currently existing nation of Israel must totally, completely and permanently disarm and be at peace with all nations and faiths.

To this end and for the cause of paradise on earth, The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage is to leave Jerusalem, marching in full view of the world via satellite television coverage, for arrival at the Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games and depart thereafter marching to Peking. All volunteers worldwide are encouraged to participate freely with the help of worldwide supporters now urgently sought.

For the direct cause of paradise on earth, I again hereby renounce all ownership and recommit my being to our family of life through Torahk, remembering May 5, 1976 as the occurrence of Torahkum.

David Crockett Williams jr (Matter), C.L.U. 11:29AM PST Christmas Day 1978

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A circle inside of which is a black equilateral triangle with points tangent and one point at the top, overlaid being a white equilateral triangle inside the circle with points tangent and one point on the bottom, inside being the white circle/disc with a dot in the center quadrisected with a circle centered in each quadrant.

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