Notes about the author, May 28, 1976

This document was written the same day I first met and heard speak in person the traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, in Santa Barbara, California, and reflects the attitude of that fateful day and the status of things in my life and mind at that time, just three weeks after my astonishing experience of the sound of Torahkum on May 5, 1976 as explained at:

It's a little overdone with my use of the "Our David" extended family moniker of that time, and some things mentioned are more fully explained at the end in a later footnote.

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(Notes about the author): Our David was born on May 17, 1945 in Newport, Rhode Island, to a loving mother and an exemplary father named David Crockett Williams and lived in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California from 1949-1974. Since the mid 1950's both parents have been members and students of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC), his father being one of the founders and a past Master of the San Fernando Valley Lodge of AMORC, which they believe to be the same secret teachings of ancient Egypt taught by the Essene Brotherhood to Jesus the Christ during the years between His first visit to Jerusalem and the beginning of His ministry as documented in the popular scriptures.

Raised as the eldest of four sons and instructed by his parents as to the significance of belief, Our David was told to diligently seek and learn for himself what to believe in. So began a hobby at age 11 in chemistry which for the next five years explored the nature of fire through pyrotechnic experiments in back yard laboratories. A good student in school, Our David had four years' experience (President 1962-63) with Explorer Post 25, B.S.A., a motion picture production company at Walt Disney Studios, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from California State University at Northridge in 1969 in spite of gradually losing faith in the modern scientific method after the Fall of 1965 when taught in a physics class about the compromise about the truth about light being employed generally in all of science.

Entering the life insurance business while in college in 1966 and becoming a leading salesman and agency manager with the San Francisco Life Insurance Company that same year, Our David was married in August of 1967 and his son Troy was born in October 1968 motivating a change into the estate planning and business insurance field with the Lee Bonnell Agency of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. In 1969 he was named this Agency's "New Man of the Year" man of the year that same year while independently earning an investment securities salesman's license. In 1970 he was named Massachusetts Mutual's "National Career School Champion," operated his own company called Tax Liquidity Concepts that year and the next, and in 1971 earned the coveted C.L.U. (Chartered Life Underwriter) financial agency degree after twenty hours of rigorous examinations as well as earning a California real estate license. In 1972 Our David was an award winning General Distributor of Holiday Magic, a division of the U.S. Universal international direct sales corporation, and Field Representative for Siam Investment Company, a foreign owned international diversified investment company.

With a deep interest in the nature of the so-called "psi phenomena," having been a student of the work of the famed American psychic Edgar Cayce at a very young age, Our David graduated in the Spring of 1972 from a mind control course teaching students how to develop this natural ability possessed by all. In the Winter of 1973 he was the Van Nuys airport branch manager for the Burreson Investment Company, which was developing real estate in Victor Valley, California, while he was concurrently functioning as investment banking agent for a new heavy metals mining company. Additionally at that time, Our David studied intensively an empirical approach to the scientific analysis of personality as revealed in handwriting with a certified instructor of the techniques of the International Grapho-Analysis Society in Chicago from which his mother Amy received a certification ten years earlier and which qualifies graphoanalysts in the fields of employment counseling, marriage counseling, psychiatric counseling, questioned documents, etc. After many financial ups and downs between learning and then later losing faith in these businesses (with peak earnings over $5,000 per month in several of them), filing bankruptcy in 1972, and then in the Spring of 1973 seeing both Burreson and Holiday Magic effectively closed down by government regulatory authorities while the mining deal fell apart causing Our David to feel a deep sense of personal responsibility for the financial losses of his clients due to his own improperly placed faith and belief, and after having his wife lose faith in his ability to provide for their family, in June 1973 Our David went out on his own, totally committing his life to researching the science of personal achievement and the nature of faith and belief. In August of 1974 this research was formulated and an outline of the Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory was submitted along with an application for the Ph.D. program at U.C.S.B. in Chemical Physics, an application which was rejected with the only comment, from an informal interview with a professor in theoretical chemistry, that "it sounds more transcendental than scientific."

In October 1974 Our David was arrested and confined, under an outrageous provision of California law, for four days in a psychiatric hospital after he spoke out, during the appointed time in a wedding ceremony, against the marriage of a then very close friend because of clearly observable handwriting indications of incompatibility (the marriage was annulled within a few months).

In January of 1975 after attending the organizing council of the All One Family Union in Ojai, California at Christmastime 1974 and after privately discussing the basics of the Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory with that council's chairman, Jonathan Daemion, Our David was invited to ride with him in his car as his assistant to the next Family meeting and meditation retreat in Mexico. On January 9, 1975, Our David was arrested and imprisoned in Guadalajara, Mexico, serving 9-1/2 months (during which time his wife divorced him) of a four year and three month sentence for possession and transportation of 300 grams of marijuana which was purchased and hidden in that car by that beloved spiritual brother who was released after telling the Mexican authorities (with Our David's consent) that Our David alone was responsible. Back in the San Fernando Valley in the Fall of 1975, he wrote "Introduction to the Paradise Psibernetics of Our Family of Life" and moved in January of 1976 to his present residence in a tent on the land at Dharma Home on Banana Road in Montecito de Santa Barbara, California. After three years with no visible means of financial support, Our David went to seek advice during the Winter of 1976 from the Santa Barbara County Welfare Department and was shortly thereafter certified mentally disabled by a required psychiatric interview and was then required by order of Santa Barbara County to apply for Federal financial assistance as unemployably mentally ill. (application rejected July 1976)

Totally identifying with the paradise of our family of life which exists now at a future point in time and waiting in peace and contentment for the commitment of other observers of light who choose to believe in total truth now, Our David may be reached though Torak, PO Box 13686, U.C.S.B. Isla Vista, California USA 93107.

[signed] David Crockett Williams, C.L.U. (May 28, 1976)

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Parts of the above that are short descriptions of major events are explained in more detail in my history article at

The trip to the psyche ward in 1975 was because the cops decided to arrest me in that manner after I declined their offer to drive me a mile down the road to my parked car from which I had walked up to the church. This decision was, they explained, because if they arrested me on charges of disturbing the peace, the bride and groom would have to show up in court and they didn't want that to happen. At that time it was 17 months after I had shaved my head and face and let it grow since my May 17, 1974, self-tonsuring vow of devotion to implementing Torahk as the name/sound of the paradise psibernetics system for peace and harmony among all life. So because of my appearance as a bit hairy, they flipped out on me as cops thinking this was appropriate. Boy did I learn a lot from that experience and those four days. When I went to the welfare department as mentioned in 1976 to see, at the insistence of the folks where I was living in a tent for free, if the thing for me to do was to get food stamps and money by applying for general relief. And more, they explained, because my story about my hearing the sound of Torahk and what it lead to, etc, plus my psyche ward visit in 1974, (no medications), maybe, they said, more if I just told them the truth and that made them think I was nuts enough to get on SSI, social security for the mentally disabled. So that's what I did, applied and explained the truth and sure enough that qualified me for being "not normal" enough to pass the first shrink rap test for being nuts enough to get SSI, a development that pissed me off, as is reflected in my writing "tone" then in the above. I was relieved to have the application denied and never even considered pursuing it any further because of the obvious stupidity and dishonesty of it, ie, not at all relating to my real mental state. I feel compassion for those who have sold their minds to SSI, but not me. Most interestingly, in retrospect, it was in this mode of puzzlement about all that "am I nuts enough" mind-frame that I heard and got "zapped" that day May 28, 1976, by Banyacya, which certainly has directed my life since, especially after my Flag Day Fire Sign, June 14, 1976, also discussed at: