Starting The American Peace March
From San Diego CA on April 1, 2024
To The White House, arriving All Saints Day, November 1, 2024

To Understand How the American Peace March will end Homelessness in America by stimulating the Sai Baba values of "Love All Serve All, that's the way to be Loved by All" - See the example in Seattle of Ending Homelessness by the Year 2025, 3min video.

New American Peace March Flyers since Thanksgiving Rainbow Family Fall Council:

Walk Starts April 1, 2024, from San Diego California

Flyer from Rainbow Family Fall Council 2023 Thanksgiving

Rainbow Family Schedule Flyer

American Peace March Apr1-Nov1 Schedule Flyer

Spring Equinox 2024 American Peace March Gathering at Hummingbird Sky Island Mayan Ceremonial Center, 11.11mi form Columbia CA

Latest Flyer: Ask Me About the American Peace March

White House American Peace March
Peace Walk starts April 1 ends Nov1, 2024
Leonard Peltier Clemency
To End American Homelessness
End Free Energy Technology Secrecy
End Human Slavery, Child Sex Trafficking
Watch the Sound of Freedom Movie
Abolish Nuclear Weapons fund peace
God’s Peace Plan for the Holy Land: - All Glory to God
Doc Wallach for US Surgeon General!
David Crockett Williams Jr (III) CLU
Chartered Life Underwriter
805-403-1828 cell/text, Zelle, PayPal, ApplePay, CashApp
To the White House from Headquarters
Of Youngevity 90ForLife Crusade
For Better Health and Longer Life
Video Introduction to Doctor Wallach:
Doc Wallach's Website, books, CD's
Davy Crockett for US President

First Draft Walk Route first 30days
American Peace March 2024 Route
California to White House Apr1-Nov1, 2024

The American Peace March to the White House was originally planned in 2013 as a route of the Global Peace Walk for “Global Peace Now!” initiated by Rev Yusen Yamato in 1995 with our peace prayer walk from New York to San Francisco for the United Nations 50th anniversary of the UN Charter signing, “to prevent the scourge of war for the future generations."

In 2013 this walk was organized and $200 donated by Mrs Joel Wallach to support it then, Dr. Joel Wallach - Dead Doctors Don't Lie. I got proclamations of support from the Mayors of Santa Barbara but Yamato did not support it and one of his vicious dogs bit me badly on my leg, so at the last minute it was postponed with Felipe Chavez who helped me conduct the first Global Peace Walk in 1995, and Jeff Dillon who came to Santa Barbara as an experienced Peace Walker.

This time we will unite the American Peace Movement with the American Peace March:

April 1, Walk Starts from Youngevity Life Science Headquarters To San Diego City Hall, 15mi
2400 Boswell Rd, Chula Vista, CA -
“Doc Wallach for US Surgeon General”
Postponed since 2013:

Proclamations from the Mayors of San Diego and Santa Barbara:
San Diego Mayor's Proclamation

Santa Barbara Mayor's Proclamation

San Diego City Hall to San Baba Bookstore in Tustin, 91 miles,
April 8 Buddha’s Birthday
April 7 Babatunde Olatunji Birthday
Drum Circle Day, Peppertree Park

Long Beach City Hall, 28mi, April 10

Venice Beach, 30 mi, April 12

Ra Ma Yoga Studio Santa Monica, 3,2mi April 13, Event

Venice to Wishtoyo Chumash Center in Malibu, 27 mi, April 15,

Wishtoyo to Oxnard, 30mi, April 17

Oxnard to Ventura, 11mi, April 18, Friday

Ventura to Carpinteria, 22mi, April 20, Saturday

Carpinteria to Santa Barbara, 14mi, April 21, Sunday, La Casa

SB Earth Day Peace Walk Santa Barbara, April 22, Monday

Santa Barbara to UCSB, 12mi, April 23
UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony 2018
Symbol of The Great Law of Peace
Introducing the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem

UCSB to IV, 1mi, Event, Anisqoyo Park, April 24

Isla Vista to Gaviota, 24mi, April 26

April 27-28, SB Earth Day, Sat/Sun,
Each Day Peace Walk Dolphin Fountain to Alameda Park

Gaviota to Buellton, 8.8mi April 29-30