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Cyrus Day 1810-1875 Descendants

New York/New Jersey – Indiana - Iowa

By Vicky L Williams Winfield 3rd Great Grand Daughter of Cyrus & Harriet DAY

Cyrus Day & Harriet Kashow

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

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Remember this is a work continually in progress.  Additions and corrections are greatly appreciated.  I have not sourced everything myself.  At times have obviously relied on others. 

ALWAYS remember to SHARE with & AID others who are searching!
We are all cousins in one way or the other –
family searching for family!


Please DO read the following first - before you look at the Descendants Pages and Records.

Then - Check out ‘our’ DAY Family records & Descendants links below.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the people who have aided me greatly in compiling this information.  If I have inadvertently left someone off my list, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  Would also GREATLY appreciate any corrections, additions and further information concerning Cyrus Day, his ancestors and his descendants.

Beverly Sadler - She has done tremendous work on the descendants of  Silas Wright Day and a lot of research on many of the other children of Cyrus & Harriet.  I believe Beverly may be reached at  Be sure to click on her name to get to her home page.  Her DAY family information can be reached by going to the bottom of her page and clicking on “My Research”.

Millie Brown - Millie has done work on the Lemonds part of the family.   She may be reached at .   Eliza Jane Day m. Hiram Rutledge Lemonds

Laura E. Kelley - Laura has done tremendous work on the Kelley’s.  She may be reached at  .   Ida M. Lemonds m. Richard Kelley

DeAnna Burghart - DeAnna has done the research for many of the Morford cousins.  Cordelia Day m. 2nd Francis Marion Day


Marilyn Erwin - although not related has offered to do some research in Mills County, Iowa for me relating to the Good family.  Myrtle G.  Morford m. William Good

Lea Willis & Jerry O’Conner - who are attempting to aid in finding the ancestors of Cyrus DAY and their ancestor Joseph DAY (Joseph & Cyrus can both be found in Indiana & Monroe County, Iowa during the same time periods).  We all feel there is some connection to the DAY families living in Jennings & surrounding counties to Cyrus and Joseph (just can’t find the proof).  Joseph Day


DAY FAMILY GENEALOGY  - this list would not be complete without adding the following thanks to Sue for her pages dedicated to DAY genealogy.  Even though I haven’t found ‘our’ Cyrus there yet, it encourages me to keep looking!


Raymond “Ray” Day  - from “The World of Days” was very gracious by making a banner for my front page and supplying me with the html code.





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