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     We dedicate this web site to those who have gone before us!

What is available at our Genealogy Gateway

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  • Birth/Baptism/Christening Records
  • Marriage Licenses/Records
  • Emigration/Immigration/Naturalization Records
  • Land Records
  • Census/Tax List Transcriptions
  • Death Records & Obits
  • Probate/Wills
  • Cemetery & Tombstone Photos
  • Photo Albums of Ancestors
  • Stories of our Ancestors
  • Paternal SurnamesCLICK HERE  (located at another site)

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What a merry chase our ancestors are leading us on! We've gone by sailing ship, wagon train, steam train, horse back, stagecoach & mule train. So far - we've traveled from Oklahoma & Nebraska to Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois & Ohio to Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, & Massachusetts. They've taken us to England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France & Germany and then all the way to Texas, New Mexico, South Dakota, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, California & Canada. WHEW! We're getting exhausted from all this traveling! Guess we've mentioned the ways we have traveled. They are as varied as our ancestors and their neighbors we have met on this wild journey. Let's see, I'm not sure (as of yet); but don't think anyone has gone by balloon. Who knows? Maybe that's next? The ride is surely thrilling and the ancestors we meet are totally beguiling!

We've watched our ancestors struggle with famine, draught, grasshopper plague, blizzards, scarlet fever epidemics & small pox. Not to mention the wars - Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean Conflict, Viet Nam and recently the Gulf War. Of course, there were also the births, marriages, new homes, acquiring land, family celebrations, church gatherings, barn raisings and picnics to even life out a bit. They've been through it all and MORE! Yet, they just kept struggling and moving onward. Sometimes, they barely had a shirt on their backs; but, with their Bible in hand and a faith that could conquer anything - they just kept coming! An inheritance GRAND to hand down to our children and grandchildren. Lesson learned from them - Since they made it - so can we!

They've taken (and ARE taking) us on quite a trip. Enjoying every minute of it - sometimes we cry and sometimes almost double over in laughter at the antics they throw! Have met a few 'wild' characters but have also met some people who have to be labeled as pure 'saints'. We would like to share a few of their stories with you - from our point of view.



Adams, Albertson, Alden, Alseabrook, Andrews, Anthony, Apps, Arnold, Atherton,  Atwell (Attwell) , Ballou, Barnes, Barney, Barrett, Bassett, Bollen (Bullen), Brewster, Brown (Browne), Brush, Burghill, Butterworth, Carter, Chandler, Chickerling, Churchman, Conkling (Concklyne, Conklin), Cosford,  Day, Deighton (Dighton), Downing, Eames, Erley, Erridge, Estes,

Farley, Farrell, French, Gale (Goodell), Garrett, Gelton, Gibson, Gulliver, Gully, Harcourt, Hearndon, Hedges, Hescock (Hiscock, Hiscox), Higgins, Hinksman, Holbrook, Hoare (Hoar), Hopkins, House, Howe, Inman, Jarman, Jasper (Jaspar), Jones,  Keeney, Kashow (Kershaw, Kashall, Cossart, Cashow), Ketherough, Key, Keyes, King, Kinsley, Knowler, Lanbotham, Lechmere, Leonard, Lewis, Luther, Lygon, Marsh, Mason,   Matley (Mattley), McGinnis, Merrell, Morse,

Nawe, Newbold, Nyssen (Nysson), Partridge, Pecker, Pettit, Phillips, Pierce, Pike, Pitts, Pomeroy, Potter, Powyes, Rapalje, Riddlesdale, Rocke, Rogers, Rudd, Sabin, Scudamore, Seals, Sexton (Saxton), Sharparowe, Shears (Shores), Smith, Smyth, Snow, Spencer,  Sprague, Squire, Stout, Streeter, Symonsen, Symson, Thorneycraft, Townsend, Throckmorton, Trico, Uxor, VanVechten, Vreeland, Walker, Warren, Weeks, Weston, Wheaton, White, Whitman, Wicks (Wickes), Williams (line 1 Vermont), Williams (line 2 Massachusetts), Willman, Woodward, Yates                      


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Andrews, Archer, Bacon, Beeler, Berkenbile, Bescherer, Blackford, Brightwell, Cecil, Crane, Driskell, Ehlers, Elliot, Fry

Gettings (Gittings), Green, Griffin, Gye, Hamilton, Hartborn, Helm, Hillyer (Hillier), Holloway, Hopkins, Hull, Humble, Hunt, Hyde, Jenner, Johnson, Krencle, Larue, Manning, Manteith, Maverick, Mayson, McKeeby, Meier (Meyer), Metsker (Metzger), Moore, Morrison, Mundy

Neill, Nelson, Nuthall, Perrin, Price, Rennencamp, Richardson, Roby, Skinner, Smith, Sprigg, Tena, Thacker, Tucke, Voshell (Voshal), Wagner, Walton, Winfield, Wyatt or Wyant (Wyatt)


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