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Descendants of *John ALDEN and Priscilla MULLINS

Mayflower Passengers

Table of Contents & Introduction

Prepared by:

Vicky L (Williams) Winfield
9120 Oak Cliff Drive
Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130
United States of America

Tel: (405) 732-2506

There is still a step or two of proofs to find for this lineage.  The marriage record for Thomas Lyman Williams to Catherine Moran is needed and proof that Thomas Lyman Williams is the son of Daniel Williams and Hannah Manning is needed.  They had a son named Thomas Lyman Williams born in the correct place and time.  I just need to prove that ‘our’ Thomas Lyman is that particular person.  Shouldn’t be hard as his family (at times) circles the families of his sisters during the years censuses are taken.  Hopefully both needs will be fulfilled when I receive a copy of Catherine and Thomas’ marriage record/license.  At this moment in time I think we can safely say we are descended from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.  I have obtained the marriage record of Charles K. Williams to his 2nd wife proving he is the son of Thomas Lyman Williams.  Need to order the marriage record of Charles K. to his 1st wife (our direct) Fedelia Hescock (in Vermont) and order the marriage record of Bert E. Williams to Nora O. Mattley (Ord, Valley County, Nebraska).  When all is said and done, the secondary proof has all ready been found.  This is our 2nd Mayflower line [one on Daddy’s side of the family (Alden) and one on Mother’s side of the family (Rogers)].

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