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Tea Party Americans
Sunday, 17 May 2009
The Take Over of America
Mood:  on fire
Topic: News

Ok, How many things does the Government have to over take before people start to wake up and smell the fire? How many right's do we have to lose before people begin to realize they have lost them? If you really can't see by now, you never will.

The Obama administration has taken charge of mortgage companies, banks, investment firms, a auto company and are on their way to over take health care, your health care. Now if that does not jolt you awake, they are also working on taking over your right to bear arms. Awake yet?  Ok, How about leaving our children and grandchildren with ruffly 20 trillion in debt? Still asleep? Don't take anyone's word for it, go study and do your own investigating, go ahead....take some time and read, listen and study what's really going on in this country.

Americans have become very complacent in the past years.  We want quick, easy fixes. Heck we expect our food ready by the time we drive from the speaker to the window. We want our dry cleaning and photo's in a hour. We expect high speed in everything and as long as we get it, were fine. Some things take a little more time and a lot more effort, like speaking out, like taking action, like taking control. That is what we need right now, for Americans to wake back up, find that revolutionary spirit, know that we have a fight on our hands that is going to take time, effort and most of all passion for our country.

We all know you have heard of the Tea Party Movement. These are "We The People", these are Americans fighting for America. You need to get up off your seat, rise to the call as our forefathers did, and fight for America...your America! Not since our founding Fathers, have we needed to come to the aid of our country. We are losing Lady Liberty, she is falling.......and it's our duty to make sure she stands proud and tall! We can not let one man and his constituents destroy what took hundreds of years to build.


So go ahead, really study what's going on. You need to, you need to be shocked and in fear of where we are headed. Then you need to come out on the 4th of July and fight to reclaim our independence on our nations Independence day!


Posted by at 1:23 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 17 May 2009 2:02 AM EDT
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