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Tea Party Americans
Thursday, 30 April 2009
A New Level Of Anger!
Mood:  on fire
Topic: News
I don't now about you, but I have risen to a new level of anger. I mean to the point that I think Mr. Obama and I should go toe to toe....I'm just a single Mom...he shouldn't be afraid? I had a member of Congress  once tell me that he would rather face a army of men than one angry Mother!

Does Mr. Obama (no, I will not call him President because that title carries respect) think we are  American mushrooms and we can be kept in the dark and fed sh*t? Does he really think we are that stupid?

Mr. Obama~ If I can’t get a passport without my ORIGINAL birth certificate, how can you become President without one?

Mr. Obama~ Since you thought it was so necessary to bail out over sized companies  and your reason being….we had to because if they failed it would have a catastrophic effect on the economy. I do know historically, for every big company that falls, there are other smaller ones ready to take it’s place. If your that bad in business, you need to fall., not be bailed out.

Mr. Obama~ Speaking of being bailed out, please let me know once again how this has helped the average American, if you think it did….please call Wells Fargo for me. You remember them? One of the mortgage companies that got millions of bailout dollars, that won’t talk to me without trying to run me in circles (rudely I might add). One of bailed out companies who plays dumb at the suggestion that they are SUPPOSED to  be helping people?

Mr. Obama ~ Why are you flying your stupid plane over New York and then trying to say “you didn’t know?” I don’t know if someone who doesn’t know where his plane is, could know how his country is? Oh, the plane…..does it burn Green Fuel? I didn’t think so. The cost of one little run with your plane could sustain me for 10 years…and I have 2 kids.  While my small business is cringing and gasping for a breath, your spending my money terrorizing New Yorkers….nice.

Mr. Obama~ Now tell me again, who is going to pay off all this spending? You can not sit up there on that hill and tell me that YOU SIR are not set for life. Your retirement is very safe huh? Is mine?

Mr. Obama~  Who the heck is going to over see you? Tax paying citizens took to the streets in protest  (as is our right…at least for now) and YOU SIR poked fun at them? You’re a jerk for doing that! That was down right un-American. You didn’t even have the gall to come out and say “ok, I hear you”. You could have rolled up your selves and did that rare thing that politicians do …..LISTEN.

Yes Mr. Obama, I am calling you out. I have constitutional  rights that not only my Grandfather but also my Father fought for, can you say that? You sir work for me. NO, I didn’t vote for you, but I did give you the benefit of the doubt when you were elected, and like most Americans, held out hope. Now, I’m furious. You are doing everything for the betterment of your own agenda, and make yourself look good ….be Mr. Popular. No, I don’t care if your Black, White, Green, Yellow, Straight or Gay. I could care less. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

Wake up and smell the White House coffee. Things like fair trade (remember that word? F-A-I-R ) Fair trade means fair trade. Is that concept really that hard? If a country is allowed to import 10,000 cars to the US, but we are only allowed to export 2,000 cars to their country,……excuse my math but that’s NOT fair trade. That happens with a lot of American companies, not just auto’s. Our companies go over seas…ummmm no. You can make it  harder for them to do so.

Like our border…oh geesh! Our border to Mexico is and has been a huge problem. It does not need to be. Let’s take a look at Mexico’s’ policy on letting Americans in? Could we go there, not pay taxes and be
eligible  for government benefits? Again, I’m thinking the answer would be no. We have a top notch military, and we can’t secure our border? That’s sad.

Your government is sad, lacking, and just plain screwing up. So, like the companies who made bad business decisions, are you expecting yourself to be bailed out?

Posted by at 6:57 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 30 April 2009 1:39 PM EDT
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Thursday, 30 April 2009 - 11:06 AM EDT

Name: "Mike"
Home Page:

Holy crap!  I love it!  You got a lot of fight and I admire it.  Here's to another blog that doesn't drink the Kool-aid.

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