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Tea Party Americans
Friday, 24 April 2009
We The People
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Your Right's
We The People of a not so free country, now declare our Independence. We shall no longer trod behind you like sheep, but instead rise up and exercise our right to disagree with our Government and question our leaders.

We The People have not forgotten that we have the right to throw you out of the office we voted you in. We The People know that you have misused your power, your position and any trust we had in you. You can be knocked off that pedestal you think your on, and others put in your place. If the others that are put in your place do the same........let it be known that the same swift action will befall them too. {note; They can apply for unemployment and cobra}.

We The People don't believe everything you tell us, contrary to your belief, we have our own minds and they do work. We The People are sick and tired of trying to budget our households and save money while our Government waste's it all in way's that make us sick.

We The People are not going to keep letting you pick our pockets clean to make up for your mistakes. You screwed up, you pay for it. We reserve the right to take back our country and vote out party lines and what ever we wish to vote out. We still have these right's, no matter how many times you choose to amend our Constitution.

We The People love our firearms, and have the right to use them to defend ourselves, with out the repercussion of a law suit for harming the person who tried to kill us. We The People have freedom of religion. This seems to tick off most people, but we are founded on it. It should not matter if you worship a pencil, it's no one's place to judge....not your job. {note} There is a big section about judging others in that big book with a cross on it, please re-read}

We The People might not always see eye to eye, we will have differences of opinion.....that's the beauty of freedom. White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, straight, gay, by, it or not we are all "We The People" {note: if you have a problem with this, please refer again to that Judgment section of the big book with the cross} This our beloved Country, made up of all different people should defend our boarders against illegal entry that leads to illegal acquirement of government programs meant for legal taxpayers. We can't come into your country illegally, so it works both ways.

We The People should have the right not to be held captive by foreign oil or anything else foreign. We feel we have the brain power within our country to figure this out, just give us a shot at it. This includes being held in terror by the thought that our jobs will move out of OUR country. We The People have had enough of that. Speaking of terror..........We The People think that if you strike us on our land and kill hundreds of innocent people, that your country should quickly become a parking lot with one strike, enough said. We The People want you to remember, that there are more of us citizens...........than there is places in our government for you. You are simply out numbered.

Posted by at 7:27 AM EDT
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Sunday, 26 April 2009 - 2:04 AM EDT

Name: "Kelly"

A lot of people seem to forget that just because you are patriotic does not necessarily mean your Christian. There are a lot of different religions in the USA and everyone has the same right's as others. Freedom of religion is one of the things that we fought  for. It really burns me up when people say you can't be a true American unless your a Christian.

Religion has nothing to with love of country. It doesn't make you any less a American, or worth any less than someone else. People really need to check our Constitution  again, the part of freedom of religion.

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