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Welcome to the web album of Yashka under construction. More pics will be added as the works progress.  

Yashka is a an ocean-going boat that will be rigged up to resemble the 18th century Mediterranean pirate ship Bombarda.  Yashka is 60ft long and 20 ft wide.  Built entirely of wood with copper and brass fastenings.  She is built by Yashwanth Kangen to a design by Italian naval architect Cesare Orsini. 


A rendition of Yashka/Bombarda

The log from which the keel of the Yashka came

The stem piece being placed in position

Backbone stage works just completed

Hull framing nearing completion

Stringers and deck shelves being fitted

Deck beams fitted

Yashka's builder Yashwanth flanked on his left by designer Orsini and on his right by friends Ray and Julie

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