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"Gold On My Mind"

Gold, Diamonds, Gems, Rocks  & Arrowheads

You name it--if you can dig it up-it is my kind of enjoyment.
Very little has been written about the finds in Oklahoma.  Even though you cannot gold mine here and it is getting harder to look for arrowheads-we have some amazing rocks & crystals.
I am a member of Gold Prospectors of America & Lost Dutchman Mining Association and have the 'Fever'.  This page is for all of us to enjoy each others experiences with the 'Fever'.  I go by the name of 'Hard Cash' but just so you don't think I am pulling one over on you--my name is Forrest Garrett, Sr.  The rest of my personal story you can find on the next page.

Gold On My Mind | Real Places I Have Been & Lived | Arrowheads in Oklahoma | Gold, Gems, Crystals, Rocks & Old Time Hints
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"Here I Come Gold Country"


"On The Road Again"

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