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What IMAN Character are you?

In response to chain e-mails that ask personal questions and then want you to e-mail the answers to everyone you know, I have composed my own meaningless survey.
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Personality Quiz

Julia Houston at's SF/Fantasy page has crafted this Sci-Fi/Fantasy Personality & Preferences Test to help people gauge their taste in movies, and follows up with recommended titles.
EXAMPLE: In SF/Fantasy movie character terms, I am...

Frodo Baggins

Like this brave Hobbit, you like stories that have a sense of wonder, or at least a decent appreciation for our lives and the world around us. You want something to think about when the movie's over, and you can't stand it when characters act stupidly towards each other or betray each other for no real reason except that it's supposed to be a surprise in the plot. You're not embarrassed by a desire to have things turn out correctly, and you enjoy when order is restored, the good rewarded, and the bad punished. You don't think the world is a simple place, but the realities of injustice and disorder in the "real world" just make you enjoy justice that much more in fantasy. You applaud when movies aren't afraid to explore dreams and aspirations, and lose interest when you realize you're being tricked.

Top 7 Movies for "Frodo Baggins" Types

1) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
2) Groundhog Day (1993)
3) It's a Wonderful Life (1949)
4) Bishop's Wife, The (1947)
5) Field of Dreams (1989)
6) K-PAX (2001)
7) Stairway to Heaven (1946)

Dr. Hibbert

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