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20th Reunion Highlights and Pics.


Well, our 20th Reunion is over, and it was a smashing success!  On behalf of all those who attended I would like to express appreciation and thanks to Christi King Welch, Kim Crain Vaughn, Brenda Sivils Wright, Amelia Martinez, Chris Hudson, and Nancy Qualls for all their efforts to make this reunion a success. 

 Mark Kelley



The quality of some of the pictures is not great, especially on the group shot.  I was going for quantity not quality with my digital camera so I set the resolution rather low.  I know lots of other folks were taking pictures so if you would scan and e-mail them to me I will post them up.  If you don't have a scanner send the photos to me and I'll do it and return the photos to you. Here are a few pictures, I'll post more later when I have time.

Click on the Picture below to see the Full size Version

dancing.jpg (96194 bytes)
group 2.jpg (151520 bytes)
table one.jpg (87036 bytes)
table 2.jpg (95945 bytes)
table 3.jpg (103914 bytes)
table4.jpg (90622 bytes)
table 6.jpg (86833 bytes)
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table 7.jpg (96624 bytes)
table 8.jpg (123168 bytes)
table 9.jpg (113920 bytes)
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table 11.jpg (119893 bytes)