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New Gamora is a nightclub for metas and humans too. This nightclub is located in Sioux City ,Sioux Nation . Another locale is being established some where in the C.A.S.

The " New Gamora nightclub RPG " was Created by Zacoriah Inc.,and is simply a starting point to many adventures inside , and outside the doors of New Gamora!

This GAME is the creation of John Allen & Marc Eiland , who are a few of...hopefully many GM's who negotiate RUNS inside New Gamora as if they were Mr. Johnson's. But inside confrontations could be the result of a seemingly harmless stare,.... easily brought about with one wrong placement of the eyes !

The rules inside the CHAT ROOM are that you speak in ICC (In Character Chat) all OCC should be in 1 to 1.

Perception tests are resolved with the dice bot inside #new-gamora ,any test that leads to combat , should (and will ,unless only a few players are present) be resolved inside #new-gamora-combat

The restrictions inside the " New Gamora " on armor and weapons are for the safety of your RUNNER ( lol ) . No really......since the nightclub is a front for Johnsons and fixers,....the blood has spilled here on numerous occasions.....thus the increased security measures enforced by the New Gamora troll guards.

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