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Example of Redwood Oval Clock shape with gloss lacquer and clock-hand style (C) with bars between the 12-3-6-9. Average dimensions is 10" x 13".


Example of Redwood Wall Clock finished with semi-gloss lacquer and clock-hand style (C) with only the 12-3-6-9 for numbers. Average dimensions is 15"x20".


Own a Piece of American History. Build your own California Redwood Burl Clock.


Each kit includes quartz movement, choice of hands and numbers, sweep second hand, instructions and guide for number placement. Hands and numbers will be the correct size for your burl.
Because the shapes vary so much, burls under 16" are $23.95 plus S/H, and burls over 16" are $25.95 plus S/H.
Finished clocks are additional $15.00.

2 to 3 weeks for shipping
Credit Card Orders are through PayPal


Burls from the California redwood tree come in an unlimited array of shapes, sizes, and patterns. No two are ever identical! The burls are cut parallel with the trunk and are predominantly reddish in color with lighter tones toward the edges on some cuts. All burls used by Old Town Woodworks are graded #1 and have a high percentage of swirls and flecks in their unique patterns.

All numbers are gold finish
and adhesive backed.
(not actual size)

All hands are brass finish and
a second-hand sweep is included.
(not actual size)

Burls are carefully selected for both color and unique patters. The burl slabs are drilled for the clock movement and then machine sanded with #150 sandpaper. Only hand sanding is necessary to finish properly or you may use a small electric sander. Apply several coats of gloss or semi-gloss lacquer, finishing oil, or cast in resin if you prefer (finishes not included). Adhesive backed numbers are available in several styles and are easily applied with template provided. Each clock has a quartz movement with accuracy of +1 second per month and is guaranteed for four years. 'AA' alkaline battery (not included) will last up to two years. Complete assembly instructions are enclosed with each clock shipped.

UPS will not deliver to a PO Box. Please provide your street address. Allow 2 to 3 weeks.

Burls under 16" are $23.95 plus $8.00 S/H. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Burls over 16" are $25.95 plus $10.00 S/H. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

For finished clocks add $15.00 (must email us first).

For each kit ordered by PayPal Credit Card,

You will need to E-MAIL us with your selection of clock-numbers and clock-hands.

If you have a special size requirement please e-mail us.



The California Redwood Tree

The magnificent California Redwood is the tallest living tree in the world. It is found only along the coastal region and inland flats of northern California and southern Oregon. This gigantic cone-bearing evergreen is valued for it strength, lightness, and resistance to decay. Although the average height is about 200 feet, specimens up to 375 feet have been observed. The fibrous bark of the trunk is virtually fire proof with outgrowths or burls up to 20 feet in diameter. Mature trees may be as old as 2000 years, but those harvested for timber are between 400 and 800 years old. The burls used in the manufacture of Old Town Woodworks clocks come only from those trees felled for commercial use. These beautiful burls are, of course, in limited and finite supply.