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Welcome to SmarkTown, a home to well... smarks. Don't like smarks? Leave. Or stay and read, maybe you'll learn something. This isn't a visually stunning sight by any accounts but it's not designed to be. This is where some people who met me on an evil site called Bolt and some others will generally tell you what they think or what you missed on the last WWF show.
08/19/02:A few shakeups, as Cliff will no longer be doing NWA recaps, Skitty and Johnny switched shows, and Tina will now be doing Confidential. Alan is... somewhere.
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All articles SmarkTown, 2002. All pictures J. Kyle and Zak Blak unless they link elsewhere. This site is not affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment and its content is not monitored or condoned by the WWE. However, I would sell out in an instant and begin shilling for them if I saw the slightest hint of decent money, dropping each and every one of these guys if instructed to do so; unfortunately it's more likely they'd just steal Alan from me. I am not a dictator but am pretty good at Risk. This text is too small to read and this little in joke is pathetic considering this sites lack of hits. I hate the world.

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