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Welcome to the home of the C/K(/O) WebRing!

For those of you that don't know what C/K(/O) stands for, it is fan fiction with Commander Chakotay and Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager involved in a romantic relationship.  Sometimes, this relationship can include another character.  And yes, these relationships contains SLASH.

Unsure what SLASH is?  Slash is fan fiction that involves two characters of the same sex in a romantic relationship.  Here's a great article explaining it: Hey Spock, Lookin' Good...  Even if you know what slash is, you must be over eighteen years of age to read it.  Please verify age before continuing on to more information about the C/K(/O) Ring.

YES I am 18 years old and not offended by slash.
NO I am not 18 years old OR I do not wish to view slash.

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Star Trek belongs to Paramount. NO copyright infringement is intended.