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Chakotay/Kim(/Other) Ring Details

Description This ring is for websites containing C/K, C/K/Other fanfics and/or graphics. Other sites that promote fan fiction and the C/K pairing but without any actual fiction will be considered as well for membership.
Disclaimer Chakotay, Harry and all thing Voyager belong to Paramount. The Chakotay/Kim(/Other) Ring is sole property of its members. No copyright infringement intended.

List of Sites Here are the Ring Members. Contain fiction and/or other resources.

Join Please fill out the Submit Form found here. Then take the code found on the HTMLfragment. You will receive an email when you have been added. Thank you.
Members You can change your website information by clicking here. You will need your password and site id number. The ring id is chakimoth.

Email More more information, contact:
Karahkwa Ross, Ring Master, Or
T'Yanna and Kasim, Web Hosts.