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Agape Willows index

Agape Willows Persian and Exotic Cattery



willows Angels

The tiny lights dancing thru our pages
are angels bringing Gods love to you!

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We welcome you as our treasured Guest

Agape is a Greek word for love,
Christian love and the love of the
Lord. The word Agape is the
foundation/basis of all other forms
of love, that of friends, that of
man & woman, mother's love.
All love must begin with Agape.

Willow is simply the tree that weathers storms.
Storms that might break and splinter the great oak & ash.
The willow may bend nearly in half with the burden of the storm,
but when the storm has passed, the willow stands proud and strong.
Her graceful limbs swaying & firm, reaching out to those around
her, whom might need her touch of strength. So, the name of our
Cattery goes deep within us, for with Agape love, and the strength
of the willow, no dream or goal is too large to reach.

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